Wednesday, September 24, 2014

5th Children's Poetry Festival in El Salvador

Jorge Argueta from Talleres de Poesía says:

When the first buses arrive at the Children's Poetry Festival "Manyula", it is truly a marvelous moment. All heaviness, frustration, or any difficulty we may have had organizing the event at that moment disappears, magically everything turns into smiles, into hope. I feel goose-bumps all over. I know that in front of me is the present and future of a whole nation. I cry from the emotion. It is so wonderful to see our children coming from Sonsonate, Cabañas, San Miguel, Chalatenango. The majority of these children don't know where they are going, they came happy, for some of them this will be the first visit to San Salvador, the capital and the first time away from their hometowns. For our children this is such a fun and fantastic trip. Suddenly these buses have taken them to a place called Biblioteca Nacional, the National Library of El Salvador, the house where books and knowledge live. Here we wait for them, we receive them with happy cheers and applause, the library is dressed with balloons, music, clowns, and banners, Manyula the festival mascot greets them. These children are the little heroes of El Salvador. Throughout the day they hear poetry, they read poetry and they write poetry. They last part of the festival is a fun  "educational fiesta". The kids enjoy lunch and participate in a show. As they leave they all receive a festival tote bag with goodies including books and pencils. When the day is over, they will bring home memories of  an unforgettable day, a wonderful experience and more than one of them will say "I would like to be a poet". This year the festival will take place from the 19th through the 22nd of November. I kindly asked you to please take 5 minutes to donate $5, $10 or whatever you can - the process is very simple (see link below). Our children deserve it. Long live El Salvador. 

Please visit thisr site for more details and to make a donation:

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