Tuesday, September 16, 2014

News and Notes

Michael Sedano

Being a shut-in means missing every poetry reading, art gallery opening, the Hollywood Bowl, and such normal activities as grocery shopping or gardening. The aftereffects of my double surgeries in July have mostly subsided now, and I am looking forward to getting out among 'em by the end of the month. There are so many events not to miss.

From Texas to California, this week's mailbag brings a handful of excitement.

Santa Barbara • September 27

The sixth season of the Mission Poetry Series kicks off on Saturday, September 27, at 1 p.m. in its new home at Antioch University Santa Barbara. “So Deep a Sound: Three Poets in Autumn” features Melinda Palacio, Michelle Detorie, and Blas Falconer. The reading will be held at Antioch University Santa Barbara • 602 Anacapa Street • Santa Barbara, CA, and is free and open to the public. Refreshments, complimentary broadsides, and poets' work for sale.

Houston • September 27
Arte Publico Press sends news of LibroFEST held at multiple locations across the city. Visit LibroFEST website for details.

Highland Park Los Angeles • September 28

Highland Park's Avenue 50 Studio hosts a pair of monthly readings, including the recently-held Bluebird Reading, and the upcoming La Palabra. Both series showcase emerging and established talent from diverse LA poetry communities. In addition to the spotlight readers, a lively Open Mic generates energy for the often SRO audiences. Parking in the rear is available.

Pomona CA • October 8

Move over, LA's westside. Make room for the westside of the Inland Empire, Pomona, where an arts community thrives, centered around the dA Center for the Arts.

Ventura County's Santa Paula • October 18

Magu's "the family car" always brought a spark to his eye when he talked about it. Now in the hands of a generous private collector, this show offers a rare chance to see Magu's masterwork in person. 

There's yet another special feature at the opening day celebration. One of Magu's sons plays with Conjunto Los Pochos, who will be joined by Los Fabulocos for musical festivities.

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Jose Carrillo said...

Michael- i hope you have a total recovery soon; rest- let the world go by while you make your best plans. Thanks for your great articles in la bloga- the real thing, bro. -jose