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Xánath Caraza

Con Tinta

For the 2015 Pachanga & Award Ceremony in Minneapolis, MN, who will be honored?  When and where will our event take place?  How can you help?  The Advisory Circle of Con Tinta, a collective of Chican@/Latin@ Activist Writers, Mouthfeel Press and S&Q are honoring Ray Gonzalez for his decades of literary achievements.

Ray Gonzalez

With regard for when and where the event will take place, on Friday, April 10, 2015, 2 – 3:30 p.m., we will have La Pachanga at Bryant Lake Bowl (Restaurant, Bowl and Theater) 810 W. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN, 55408-2846, (612) 825-3737.  Please be our guest and join La Pachanga for our hors d’oeuvre & cash bar celebration and more. Doors will be open at 1:30 p.m. to start our annual Pachanga and Award Ceremony at 2 p.m. and celebrate Ray Gonzalez.  Bryant Lake Bowl is 6 minutes away (2.63 miles) by taxi from the Convention Center.  Click here for directions. 

For our event, you can help. There is a fundraising campaign to finance our Pachanga and Award Ceremony prior to the event. The Con Tinta advisory board is accepting donations for La Pachanga 2015. Your donations are key to make this event possible and celebrate our autores.  Your name and/or your organization will be recognized in the program of La Pachanga and will be also acknowledged during the event itself.  See the Donation section below for more information about how to support celebrating one of our grandes autores.  Thank you all for your support and as usual: Are you ready for La Pachanga 2015 in Minneapolis, MN? Join us. 

Many thanks go out to those collaborating on our Con Tinta Advisory Board for our Pachanga and Award Ceremony 2015 to take place.  Thank you Diana Pando, Irasema González, Eduardo Corral, María M. Maloney, Ruben Quesada, Natalia Treviño and Xánath Caraza.


Ray Gonzalez

Ray Gonzalez

Ray Gonzalez is the author of fifteen books of poetry, including six from BOA Editions--The Heat of Arrivals (1997 PEN/Oakland Josephine Miles Book Award), Cabato Sentora (2000 Minnesota Book Award Finalist), The Hawk Temple at Tierra Grande (winner of a 2003 Minnesota Book Award for Poetry), Consideration of the Guitar: New and Selected Poems (2005), Cool Auditor: Prose Poems (2009), and Beautiful Wall, 2015.   The University of Arizona Press has published eight books, including Turtle Pictures (Arizona, 2000), a mixed-genre text, which received the 2001 Minnesota Book Award for Poetry and the recent Soul Over Lightning (2014), a finalist for a 2015 Minnesota Book Award for Poetry.  His poems have appeared in the 1999, 2000, 2003 and 2014 editions of The Best American Poetry (Scribners) and The Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses 2000 (Pushcart Press).  He is the author of three collections of essays, The Underground Heart:  A Return to a Hidden Landscape (Arizona, 2002), which received the 2003 Carr P. Collins/ Texas Institute of Letters Award for Best Book of Non-fiction,  Memory Fever (University of Arizona Press, 1999), and Renaming the Earth: Personal Essays (Arizona, 2008).  He has written two collections of short stories, The Ghost of John Wayne (Arizona, 2001, winner of a 2002 Western Heritage Award for Best Short Story and a 2002 Latino Heritage Award in Literature) and Circling the Tortilla Dragon (Creative Arts, 2002).   He is the editor of twelve anthologies, most recently Sudden Fiction Latino:  Short Short Stories from the U.S. and Latin America (W.W. Norton).  He has served as Poetry Editor of The Bloomsbury Review for thirty-five years and, in 1998, founded LUNA, a poetry journal, which received a Fund for Poetry grant for Excellence in Publishing.  He was awarded a 2002 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Southwest Border Regional Library Association.  He is a Professor in the MFA Creative Writing Program at The University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. 


HOW TO DONATE FOR La Pachanga & Award Ceremony 2015

A. If you do not want to create a Paypal account, and you prefer to send a check, send a check via snail mail to:


Natalia Trevino

PO Box 1054

Helotes, Texas 78023

B. If you want to pay electronically, go to

C. Select “Send” on home page of

D. Enter and the amount you wish to donate.

E. Choose “This is for friends or family.”

F. Sing up for an account. It is free.  Enter the information from either your bank or your credit card that you will use to make payments for all paypal transactions.

G. Confirm “I’m sending to family or friends.”  If you use a bank, there is no charge.  If you use a credit card, there is a 2.9% charge to Con Tinta.

H. Select “Continue”.

I. Review your payment amount.

J. Under Email to recipient, enter “Continta” or “Donation” in the Subject line.

K. Confirm by selecting “Send Money.”

L. That should be it!


Call Natalia Treviño at (210)264-3514 if you have any questions or problems sending money.


Poster for the 2015 Pachanga







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Xánath Caraza said...

Thank you so much, Natalia Treviño, quien con tanto corazón, worked so hard on making the arrangements for the very-hard-to-find space and only time available for our Pachanga and Award Ceremony this year. So much work and done entirely by volunteers.
I want to communicate with our community about this challenging preparation process, because today (3/10/2015) I received an inappropriate, unprofessional message that made me feel very uncomfortable because of its tone and content.
La Pachanga and Award Ceremony are a time for us to come together and celebrate the wonderful achievements of our Latin@/Chican@ literary community. Let us stand together and be proud of the wonderful accomplishments that not only Ray Gonzalez has had, but of all of us in our community.

Xánath Caraza