Monday, March 23, 2015

How to Donate for La Pachanga & Award Ceremony 2015, Caravana43 in Kansas City, and Los Libros

Xánath Caraza

Pachanga & Award Ceremony 2015: RAY GONZALEZ

When: AWP Minneapolis 2015: Friday, April 10, 2015 from 2 – 3:30 p.m. (Doors open at 1:30 p.m.)

Where: Bryant Lake Bowl (Restaurant, Bowl and Theater) 810 W. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN, 55408-2846, (612) 825-3737.  Click here for directions.


How to Donate for La Pachanga & Award Ceremony 2015

A. If you do not want to create a Paypal account, and you prefer to send a check, send a check via snail mail to:
Natalia Trevino
PO Box 1054
Helotes, Texas 78023
B. If you want to pay electronically, go to
C. Select “Send” on home page of
D. Enter and the amount you wish to donate.
E. Choose “This is for friends or family.”
F. Sing up for an account. It is free.  Enter the information from either your bank or your credit card that you will use to make payments for all paypal transactions.
G. Confirm “I’m sending to family or friends.”  If you use a bank, there is no charge.  If you use a credit card, there is a 2.9% charge to Con Tinta.
H. Select “Continue”.
I. Review your payment amount.
J. Under Email to recipient, enter “Continta” or “Donation” in the Subject line.
K. Confirm by selecting “Send Money.”
That should be it!
Call Natalia Treviño at (210)264-3514 if you have any questions or problems sending money.
CARAVANA43 in KANSAS CITY: March 24 – 25, 2015
Thanks for the information, Tonantzin Society, Topeka, KS.
In Other News: Los Libros
Harmony Versus Entropy by Ivonne Sanchez Barea (Lobo estepario press, 2015)
One Step from Juarez by Joseph Avski (Mouthfeel Press, 2015)
THE DRUNKENNES OF GOD by Luis Armenta Malpica
Translated by Lawrence Schimel (Medio Siglo, 2015)
SPLIT GEOGRAPHY by Adela Najarro (Mouthfeel Press, 2015)
One Day I'll Tell You the Things I've Seen by Santiago Vaquera-Vasquez (2015)
OUR LADY OF THE CROSSWORD By Rigoberto Gonzalez (A Midsummer Night's Press, 2015)
SAY / MIRROR by JP Howard (The Operating System, 2015)
THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED IN OUR OTHER LIFE by Achy Obejas (A Midsummer Night's Press)
SCORES by Robert Paul Moreira (2015)

Aunque la nieve caiga de repente by Jorge Garcia de la Fe (Lobo estepario press, 2015)
That Train Again by Mark Statman (2015)


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