Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Creative Writing Workshops for Children- Flor y Canto Poetry Festival para nuestros niños y niñas

Educators, friends and family, this year's Flor y Canto Poetry Festival para nuestros niños y niñas is on Saturday, November 7, 2015 in San Francisco - please save the date.

This year we are offering four free creative writing workshops for children, with accomplished writers. 

This is the first of four creative writing workshops for children, presented as part of the 4th Annual Flor y Canto Festival Para Nuestros Ninõs y Niñas. Entitled Painting With Words, it will be hosted by poet and community leader Leticia Hernández-Linares.

Children who participate in Painting With Words and the other workshops will have the opportunity to read their work at the 4th Flor y Canto Festival on Nov. 7, and have their poems published in El Tecolote.

Each workshop is limited to 10 children. Please call Jorge Argueta, the workshop and festival coordinator at (415)795-0024 for more information to reserve a seat. You can also print and use the form below and email it to

About “Painting with Words”:
Painting with Words, Pintando Con Palabras
A Nahuatl Inspired Writing Activity

One of the ancient peoples of the Américas, the Aztecs, revered poetry as a practice that gathered the community, expressed ideology and spiritual beliefs, and never just told a story, but sung and drew it, on the walls and in the air. In the Nahuatl language the word poetry does not exist as one single word. Rather, En Xochitl En Cuicatl are two words, symbols, that communicate one concept, that of poetry, in Nahuatl.

Flower and Song equals poetry. Flor + canto = poetry.
In this workshop, we will use “word math” to help us focus on an important aspect of writing––poetic language! This poetry/art workshop hopes to inspire and encourage potential writers to play with language, take risks, and unlock their creativity.

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