Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Celebrate Spring with Spanish Children's Books

Spring is here, and new titles are in bloom! This month, we're focusing on all the good things that come with spring: flowers, warmer weather, new friends, adventures, and of course, our favorite animal characters coming out of hibernation!

Pam Fochtman
Founder & President

Soy un Conejo
I am a Bunny

 A beautiful bilingual edition of the 1963 modern classic. Nicolás, a charming bunny in overalls, tells readers his favorite things about each season, though of course, his favorite is spring. Richard Scarry's stunning, deeply colored illustrations make this a heartwarming and beautiful book to be cherished for generations to come.

Written by Ole Risom
Illustrated by Richard Scarry
ISBN 978-849-436-965-0
© 2015, Lata de Sal
Hardcover, $21.95

Domingo Teporingo: Primavera
Domingo Teporingo: Spring

In the second book in the series, Domingo the Rabbit and his friends crawl out from their winter burrows, ready to welcome spring with campfires, parties, and adventures.  The arrival of Doña Roña, Domingo's distant and rather unpleasant relative,  threatens to spoil the springtime cheer in the woodlands. This fun series is full of adventures and funny, charming illustrations that are sure to pull in even the most reluctant of readers. 

Written and illustrated by Marcos Almada Rivero
ISBN 978-607-130-458-2
© 2015, Norma Ediciones
Paperback $14.95, Library Binding $24.95

Martín y la llegada de la primavera
Mr. Squirrel and the Arrival of Spring

Spring has sprung in the woods, and per tradition, love is in the air! When Erick the Hedgehog spots a beautiful hedgehog from afar, Martín the Squirrel helps his friend by finding him the proper get-up to catch the other hedgehog's attention. The story ends in a funny twist, and Erick and Martín learn that the best gift that spring brings is friendship.

Written and illustrated by Sebastian Meschenmoser
ISBN 978-607-161-386-8
© 2013, Fondo de Cultura Económica
Hardcover, $11.99

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