Saturday, March 26, 2016

Funeral in Del Rio, Texas

Melinda Palacio

While I am not ready to write about the end to my grandmother's difficult transition. As many have expressed, the truth is I am glad I was with her until the end. She took her last breath with me by her side. My gratitude to Edna and Bonnie from Hospice for also being at my grandmother's house during her final hours last Thursday. Thank you to everyone following my posts and your expressions condolences; I appreciate your kind thoughts and words.

For previous posts on this series, read Lessons in Dying from March 11 on La Bloga.

Steve took this picture of me in front of San Felipe Church.

Four uncles and two cousins serve as pallbearers

The family plot in San Felipe Cemetery. My grandmother always said there is room for more.

In the end, her casket.

My uncle Raymond is the last of his brothers to leave the cemetery. 

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Giora said...

Thanks for sharing and maybe your grandmother rest in peace.