Sunday, June 26, 2016

In Honor of Orlando Victims, Submit Your Poetry!

Call for Poetry to honor Orlando--
Thanks to David Lopez who writes the following:

"We are accepting submissions until July 15, 2016, with an anthology releasing early 2017 with selected poetry.

Last week I met a poetic soul, Luis Lopez-Maldonado, who, like myself and so many others was seeking a way to heal and find clarity amidst the darkness and hate [regarding] the tragedy in Orlando, Florida.  What began as a simple exchange of ideas has quickly transpired into this very meaningful project that aims to shed light and bring healing words to the world, honoring the 49 victims.

The Brillantina Project are poems for those who glitter and listen, those with bright wondrous gazes, hearts bursting with love.  Somos brillo que brill:  Somos Orlando.  Let us unite in solidarity through poetry and use our words to create awareness and change.

I invite you and all to submit poetry.  We are looking for work that thematically represents the Orlando tragedy; poems that will bring hope and uplift the LGBTQIA and Latinx communities.  We want to share our voice with the world and spread our poems like glitter."

Website:  https://the
And they have a Facebook page:

Gracias, David!  Hoping todas/todos will submit!

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