Saturday, December 16, 2017

Feminine Energy

Desert Goddess by Margarita Guerrero

It’s December 12th as I write and it comes as no surprise to me that today Merriam Webster selected the word feminism as their word of the year, defining it “ as both “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes” and “organized activity in support of women’s rights and interest.” The Politico article covering the Merriam-Websters selection says “Following a year that started with global women's marches and ended with stories of sexual harassment and assault that have brought down powerful men in media, tech, Hollywood and politics, one word has been looked up continually throughout 2017: feminism.”

For on this day the Virgen de Guadalupe is celebrated and I and others who have an interest in such matters, think that it’s synchronistic, affirming that our world is experiencing feminist energy taking a larger role in world and personal affairs.

 Goddess of Agave by Rock Martinez & Cristina Perez, Tucson Az.

People identifying with New Age and spiritually minded individuals believe that all of us have masculine and feminine energy, as does the world, the Southern Hemisphere associated with feminine energy and the Northern Hemisphere with masculine energy. They saw the election of an Argentinian and a devotee of the Virgin Mary as Pope, as a confirmation that feminine energy was to take center stage.

 Home Shrine Virgen de Guadalupe Tucson Az.

Those of us from a Catholic background believe strongly in the mother aspect of the divine that has manifested in numerous times and places such as in Mexico City, Lourdes, France, and more recently in Medjugorje, Bosnia. But the feminine aspect of the divine is also embraced by millions of many faiths. She is Kwan Yin in China, Schekhinah among Jews, Shakti of the Hindus, Tara of the Buddhists and the ancient Egyptians called her Isis.

 Aztec Dancers 4th Annual Procession Virgen de Guadalupe, St. Joseph Parrish, Tucson Az.

It is understandable that people would embrace the mother aspect of the divine, she being more compassionate and forgiving and thus easier to love than the harsher more rational masculine aspect.

 Nativity Tableau, 4th Annual Procession Virgen de Guadalupe, St. Joseph Parrish, Tucson Az.

Balancing the feminine and masculine energy is an activity that all individuals will undertake, all of us thinking more with our heart and all of us becoming more assertive and logical. In the near future, we’ll also see that countries in the Southern Hemisphere will begin to develop economically and socially, keeping pace with the countries of the Northern Hemisphere.

There is an Inca prophecy that states that in ancient history the human race was split between those of the Condor who pursued intuition, love, and connection with the Great Spirit, sometimes referred to as the feminine path, and those of the Eagle who would pursue intellect, industrialization, and science, or the masculine path, and of a time when the people of the North, represented by the Eagle, and the people of the South, represented by the Condor, awaken to the realization that they are more capable of consciousness, love and awareness when unified. 

That evening I attended the fourth annual Procession honoring the Virgen de Guadalupe where I photographed musicians, Aztec Dancers, tableaus and individuals attired in costume.

 Virgen De Guadalupe 4th Annual Procession Virgen De Guadalupe St. Joseph Parrish, Tucson Az.

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