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2012, the Mayan Calendar and Human Consciousness Antonio SolisGomez Copyright 2014

2012 ended with hardly any press as if it was just the end of one year and the beginning of another. At least for most people it was insignificant. But for some people, then and for all people in the near future, the date of December 21 2012 is and will be as significant as the year of the birth of Jesus, for it marks the end of one age and the beginning of another.

Most people still scoff at the notion that anything of importance took place because coverage by the mass media attributed such thinking to either a radical, deluded fringe bent on popularizing superficial ideas voiced by the ancient Maya or an equally deluded fringe that was predicting the end of the world. However full and complete explanations of this momentous event was to be found on the Internet but in small obscure sites such as in,, and that began providing information many years prior to 12/21/12 and continuing to this day.

Understanding the significance of 12/21/12 requires delving deep into the make-up of humanity and related topics, primary among them being consciousness

Chapter I Beginnings

Heretofore most of the thinking and writings about consciousness comes from the realm of Western science, relegating it to an aspect of brain activity, and reasoning that without a functioning brain there is no consciousness.The essay that follows take a different approach to the explanation of human consciousness, perhaps not as rigorous as what scientists would like but certainly more understandable to ordinary folks.  And to begin to refute the assertion that human consciousness is merely an aspect of brain activity one has only to note the hundreds or perhaps thousands of cases that are categorized under the heading of “life after death” experiences wherein the person is essentially dead, the heart rate stopped and the brain no longer functioning, yet the person remains fully conscious, looking in at the activity around his or her dead body, embarking on a journey to the “other side” usually through a tunnel and eventually returning to his or her body and later being able to recall the life after death experience. 

That all humans are conscious and operating as independent entities through use of their free will is a basic notion that goes unquestioned but there is much more complexity and much more to be said about consciousness because humanity is part and parcel of the universe that gave origin to our species.

I begin with the assertion that Human Consciousness is an aspect of the Creator, who is responsible for the creation of all there is. Not only does human consciousness go beyond computer like functions of taking in information, processing it and allowing for decision making, it also allows one to form an experience that has a subjective quality with values and nuances of value that tap into the wholeness that a person is and hopes to be. Furthermore human consciousness makes use of information received as intuition, premonitions and thumpings of the heart that remain mysterious and unaccountable by mere external physical stimuli. And what about nightly out of body sojourns into unbelievable worlds that a person takes during dream time, again not unaccountable by physical stimuli.

And to begin to delve into these other aspects I put forth some questions my sister frequently asks “why is the Mona Lisa deemed a great painting? Are there experts in the world who make judgments regarding paintings and their worth? And who has designated them to be experts and to be listened to?”  She also asks how a particular object such as a table, came to be called table? 

I begin answering my sister's question about the Mona Lisa by telling her that judgments of its worth are not different from the judgment that the BMW roadster is a great car or that the song La Malaguena is a great song. And I continue with her second question by asking her to look at the word twerking and looking at how a new word invades language and becomes fixed in everyday speech. In both cases, I tell her, it is a collective human mind that assigns worth to an object whether it is a painting or a bag of sugar or a new word that makes an appearance and is affirmed by people using it. But it is not necessarily a conscious decision that has been reached. Often it is not, it is merely people living their regular lives, making purchases, speaking or writing, viewing or listening to television, the radio or looking at the internet. And these judgments are relative to the time and the experiences of people. One day the Mona Lisa may not "speak" to a viewer and not bring in millions of dollars at it's next sale. And twerking may disappear and even be forgotten as have many other words now lost to human memory.

And all of the above is to affirm that people participate in a collective consciousness and we do behave collectively, perhaps not as evident as a flock of birds flying overhead, darting and swopping and selecting an electrical line upon which to perch and just as suddenly moving elsewhere as one. And we do respond to our environment to some degree in a subtle but collective fashion. But we have to look carefully beneath the surface of human events in order to observe such behavior.

However the concept of a collective human consciousness is diametrically opposed by the belief that every person is an individual, thinking and behaving and exercising his or her free will and thus acting autonomously. This is especially true in free and democratic countries as it undergirds laws and social interactions and the truism of this fact is rarely questioned. Now and again a person may get exposed to the idea that we humans act collectively as shown in the paragraphs on the value of art or popular words. More obscure, perhaps exposed to the idea that astrological bodies influence decision making and behavior, such as the return of Saturn to the same position it was at the time of a person’s birth.

Based on Saturn’s 29.4 years cycle, astrological practitioners believe that every 30 years or so, Saturn reappears in a person’s life and can bring with it personal disruptions. The first Saturn return leads a person to question life choices and general direction and when the person is not living in accordance with the spiritual direction chosen prior to his or her birth, this time is accompanied by wrenching inner debates that lead to great changes in career, friendships, personal habits, spouses, living arrangements, geographic locations etc. It’s a time when youthful behavior transits to more mature adult like choices. The influence of Saturn is generally between the ages of 28-31 and an individual’s experience of the Saturn transit is colored by the positions of other heavenly bodies and particular environment. And most importantly whether or not the person is living life he or she has deemed appropriate prior to birth.

Readers that are older than thirty one are encouraged to review their life to see what they experienced during the Saturn transit and test the veracity of this assertion. My Saturn transits caused chaos in my life finally leading me to abandon the consumption of meat and the drinking of alcohol, embarking on a spiritual quest with the practice of meditation at the core.

There are other astrological phenomena that are important such as the return of Chiron at age fifty where one can also ascertain that some thinking and behavior is predicated by such events and that a large group of people exhibit identifiable characteristics associated with these astronomical occurrences.

Another piece that supports the idea that individuals also act in unison and not solely out of free will is the book The Fourth Turning by Strauss and Howe that identifies four generational types that cycle throughout the history of the USA and exhibit recurring behavioral characteristics and patterns. Here’s a summary of the generational types taken from Wikipedia.

According to Strauss and Howe, the First Turning is a High. This is a post-Crisis era when institutions are strong and individualism is weak. Society is confident about where it wants to go collectively, though those outside the majoritarian center often feel stifled by the conformity.[20]
According to the authors, America’s most recent First Turning was the post-World War II American High, beginning in 1946 and ending with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.[21]
According to the theory, the Second Turning is an Awakening. This is an era when institutions are attacked in the name of personal and spiritual autonomy. Just when society is reaching its high tide of public progress, people suddenly tire of social discipline and want to recapture a sense of personal authenticity. Young activists look back at the previous High as an era of cultural and spiritual poverty.[22]
Strauss & Howe say America’s most recent Awakening was the “Consciousness Revolution,” which spanned from the campus and inner-city revolts of the mid-1960s to the reelection of Ronald Reagan.[23]
According to Strauss and Howe, the Third Turning is an Unraveling. The mood of this era is in many ways the opposite of a High: Institutions are weak and distrusted, while individualism is strong and flourishing. Highs come after Crises, when society wants to coalesce and build. Unravelings come after Awakenings, when society wants to atomize and enjoy.[24] They declare that America’s most recent Unraveling was the Long Boom and Culture War, beginning in the mid-1980s and ending in the late 2000s.
According to the authors, the Fourth Turning is a Crisis. This is an era in which institutional life is destroyed and rebuilt in response to a perceived threat to the nation’s survival. Civic authority revives, cultural expression redirects towards community purpose, and people begin to locate themselves as members of a larger group.[25] America’s most recent completed Fourth Turning began with the stock market crash of 1929 and climaxed with the end of World War II. The G.I. Generation (a Hero archetype, born 1901 to 1924) came of age during this era. Their confidence, optimism, and collective outlook epitomized the mood of the era.[26] Today’s youth, the Millennial Generation (Hero archetype, born 1982 to 2004), show many traits similar to those of the G.I. youth, including rising civic engagement, improving behavior, and collective confidence.[27]

Howe and Strauss explore other issues associated with each generation that gives further credence to the idea that an individual’s behavior is not solely the arena of free choice, namely the parenting behavior as well as corresponding parental attitudes and societal norms and expectations play a large part in the formation of personality characteristics. Thus in my own life that began at the end of the Fourth Turning (1941) and the beginning of the First Turning, encompassed some of the traits of each one, leading me to become an active participant of the rebellious 1960’s but also embracing community purpose and the need for civic authority, a tension that remains within my personality to this day.

But concepts that hint or assert that group thinking and group behavior play a part in human societies fly against a strong current of prevailing thought of unqualified free will and are mostly dismissed by the majority of the populace. Yet we all know or may have even experienced first hand, as witness or participant, mob behavior. Yet such phenomena as mob behavior is an aberration outside of normal everyday functioning and usually short lived and localized.

More positive group identity and behaviors can be formed when a person trusts and identifies strongly with other members of a group and to a great extent harnesses his or her individual will to that of the group such as happened in the USA Olympics rowing crew described in the book “the Boys in the Boat” by Daniel James Brown.

However evidence of a collective consciousness on a larger scale comes from an ongoing scientific study started in 1998 at Princeton University, called the Global Consciousness Project that claims that during significant world events there is measurable data attributed to changes in humanity’s consciousness. The project, headed by Dr. Roger Nelson, has a network of random number generators in sixty locations worldwide and a corresponding network of instruments that attempt to guess the random numbers. World events such as 9/11 show that a statistical change occurs between the ‘generators’ and the ‘guessers’ that can only be attributed to the emotions and feelings of people during those large and dramatic events.

Chapter II

Some credence of the possibility of an individual coming under the influence of outside forces has been put forth in the preceding chapter and now, setting group behavior aside and looking at human consciousness on a more personal level, do we as individuals influence one another? Some of us that lived during the 1960's find that it is not such a stretch to think that we can have an effect upon another person, as many of us spoke openly of being able to detect a person's vibrations, vibes as they were commonly called. A person was said to have good or negative vibes and one responded accordingly. And it is safe to assume that all of us have had similar reactions to certain people, an ‘approach or flee’ response that in such instances goes beyond what we have been taught and learned from our immediate culture, in other words, a feeling that goes beyond our acquired prejudices and bias’s and harkens to an inner knowing, an intuitive perception, to embrace or to reject. 

And if the above is true and most of us act and believe as if it is true, then there are 7 billion people constantly going about their business emanating some sort of energy, the energy of molecules and atoms vibrating at a rate peculiar to each person.

And the fact that there are differences within humanity, that some individuals exhibit vibrations that are more pleasing than others is commonplace and explains why the company of people, deemed saints or of individuals possessing a high degree of charisma, is sought after by so many. And how does that happen? How do some individuals alter their consciousness to become more pleasing? Are they born with this gift or can it be developed? Can one become a better more pleasing person? I think that the answer is obvious. All religions are based on the premise that a person can become better by incorporating certain attributes, chief among them would be the ability to love unconditionally, to be unconditionally compassionate, nonjudgmental, accepting and/or tolerant of differences, and cheerful and positive.

Moving along with the notion that humanity's consciousness can change via influences from the external world and also by the consciousness of others, we can add examples from world events that suggest that certain attitudes and ideas are grasped, internalized and manifest as human behavior when the time is ripe. We have a popular expression for such phenomena, “an idea whose time has come”. Meaning that certain ideas and attitudes have been dormant or at least not widely embraced and then seemingly all of a sudden, they become widely popular.  One example is the independence of the United States. Another more contemporary occurrence is the changing role and treatment of women throughout the world but in particular in India, Africa and in the Middle East or the domestic violence found in homes throughout this nation and recently brought to light among a few NFL players. Or the agitation for democracy in various nations throughout the world best exemplified by the Arab Spring and in the United States by Occupy Wall Street. Of course they are all connected by the same heartfelt energy of wanting freedom and equality for everyone. It's the same energy, it's the personal and collective consciousness that is being raised.

But how is this possible one may ask? Looking closer at one of those events, the Arab Spring, it seemed to be a spontaneous event, one not necessarily led by individuals. It seemed as if many were receiving the same message all at once and it wasn’t just given over social media. It seemed as if the message was part and parcel of the very air that was being breathed in and out by those in that country. And the same can be said about the revelations of sexual harassment of women by men in positions of power.

This brings us to a current of thought that this essay embraces that is even more at odds with what most people believe, not only that there exists a collective human consciousness but also that human consciousness is not only changing but reaching a higher level, a higher degree of awareness and that human behavior is becoming more heart centered as opposed to being ego centered.

 Chapter III

And to begin to address this topic the stage must first be set and provide what may be for most a leap of faith, the idea that everything in our natural world is not only vibrating but conscious.

Indigenous people throughout the world have always furthered this perception and it is but recently that individuals seeped in Western culture have begun to accept this as fact. One such individual was Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian forester who chose to forgo formal university training to study directly from nature. He lived at the beginning of the 20th century and among his many discoveries was that water was a living entity. He went to great lengths to demonstrate that water and the energy inherent in water was most potent when water was allowed to flow freely in rivers and streams and that efforts to dam and straighten it’s bed, lessened this energy and therefore held grave consequences for humanity. One of his most famous experiments was to float pieces of wood in a free flowing river and to note the time it took to go from point A to point B, at different times of the day. With this data he was able to demonstrate that when water was colder in the early part of the morning it contained more energy and thus a piece of wood reached point B faster in the early morning than in the afternoon.

Another experimenter with water is Masaru Emoto who has demonstrated that humans and environment effect the formation of water crystals. He and his team of researchers took hundreds of microscopic photographs of ice crystals formed under various conditions and one can clearly see the effects that different music and sounds have on crystal formation. Admittedly the photographs portend to show differences in the beauty exhibited by the crystals and there is a subjective judgment but it is hardly a leap of faith, for it is clear to the viewer of photographs of a heavy metal induced crystal to see that it is greatly distorted in comparison to one, whose symmetry, is formed with the music of Mozart or one formed while the Beatles play their song Imagine or while the I Have a Dream speech is delivered by Martin Luther King Jr. See for yourself at

Similar experiments have been conducted on plants such as those described in the book The Secret Life of Plants by Bird and Tompkins, demonstrating that plants are conscious and respond to one another and to their environment, in particular to people and their intentions. Here is a quote from the book found at

Cleve Backster, at the time our nation's foremost lie detector examiner, had been up all night at his school for polygraph examiners and on impulse he hooked up the electrodes of a lie detector to a leaf of his dracaena plant, a tropical plant with large leaves. He poured water onto the roots of the plant to see if the plant would be affected by this and to his surprise the plant gave a reading similar to a human experiencing a short emotional stimulus. What happened next set him on a life-long quest for information and answers. He took a match, determined to burn the leaf with the electrodes on it to see if the plant would react again. But, all he had to do was picture the flame in his mind and the plant reacted, causing a large upward sweep of the detector pen.  When he merely pretended to burn the leaf it showed no reaction at all. Backster and his collaborators, all over the US, using 25 different plants, obtained similar and even more astonishing results.  This was the first time in modern times that anyone could prove that plants are not insensate, that they react on a level that we still do not completely understand to the environment and the creatures in it. He also did experiments with single celled animals, yeast and mold, various cells from the human body, blood and sperm, which, Backster found, was especially canny in that they seemed to be able to identify their owner and ignore other males. Backster postulated that, "sentience does not seem to stop at the cellular level. It may go down to the molecular, the atomic and even the subatomic." "Such observations," we are told, "seem to imply that some sort of total memory may go down to the single cell, and by inference that the brain may be just a switching mechanism, not necessarily a storage organ."

Suddenly the agreed upon reality of the world comes to be questioned and the idea of a world where humanity is the only sentient conscious entity is replaced by the thought that we live in an ocean of consciousness, being but one entity among many and everything and everyone interacting and responding to one another in some fashion.

Miguel Molina artists

And are certain locations on Mother Earth more loaded with energies that contribute to a person’s state of consciousness? Are there some places on the planet that are more salubrious? We act and speak as if it is so. We think that open spaces, the ocean beaches, islands, forests and mountains invigorate us, help us relax, contribute to our well being. Indigenous peoples have always associated certain locations with spiritual qualities such as Uluru, Stonehenge, Egyptian Pyramids, Machu Picchu, Lourdes, and Sedona. Are there different energies in those spots?

And if the foregoing is true, where does this ocean of consciousness stop? Or does it stop somewhere? And most importantly where does it originate?

My supposition is that because everything in creation is imbued with the Essence of the Creator, everything is ‘alive’, conscious, vibrating and evolving. Thus we humans are part of the Creator and are therefore inseparable from the Creator and eternal. And the implications of this inseparable connection with the creator are enormous, foremost being that the event that we know as death does not exist in the manner that it has been defined for indeed we are eternal and can not die. True it is that our body does age and eventually succumbs to disease or organ failure of some type but our essence continues for we are more than a body and that essence eventually returns in another body, what has been termed reincarnation.

But why are we humans here in the first place? Why do we incarnate on Earth. And the answer I’ve been able to ascertain is that we elected to come to Earth in human form to live in a world that is of the lowest density in Creation, a world where it is nigh impossible to discern our spiritual grandeur. And the challenge of recalling that grandeur is the true purpose of life on Earth. It is not to accumulate great wealth, nor to make conquests, nor to gain fame, nor to make great sacrifices. If we can do those things with love and compassion while ever focused on remembering our Spiritual connection, fine and good, but those are tangential to our primary purpose of knowing the Creator within.

Our density corresponds to the third dimension and other higher dimensions exist where there is more clarity about existence. There have been individuals who have lived on Earth who achieved these higher states of awareness that permitted them to experience the Truth about existence and we look upon them as Avatars, Gurus, Saints, Masters etc

Because everything in creation is imbued with the Essence of the Creator, everything is ‘alive’, conscious, vibrating and evolving. Thus the planets and other large bodies emanate and receive energy and they have a profound affect upon us, hence the basis for Astrology. And here it should be noted that an astrological chart was made for man, not man for an astrological chart. Our strengths, weakness, challenges and general characteristics were determined prior to our birth and we were born in accordance with those elements decided before hand. An astrological chart merely notes those decisions, it doesn’t assign them to an individual willy-nilly. Our birth is therefore not a happenstance occurrence but rather a very deliberately executed event. That old adage of not choosing our parents is therefore simply untrue. We do choose based on the potential for receiving from those parents whatever resources and challenges we need to continue our evolution. Some will find this fact hard to swallow as clearly it leaves no room for victims of any sort. Those born in poverty, handicapped, to abusive parents, in situations where they will be discriminated, exposed to criminal behavior etc, have made that choice. Even the gender and sexual orientation is chosen.

Creation is happening all the time and there are individuals who have been incarnating for a long time and there are individuals that are younger, with a fewer number of incarnations on Earth. Knowing this, it is difficult to pass judgment on others since we have all come for the same purpose, that of experiencing a third dimensional reality in the hope of remembering our true essence. Some however have been at the task longer than others. Therefore we find that life on Earth is a soup of differences of life experiences and some of the lessons that person A has ‘mastered’, person B may not have simply because he or she has not had a sufficient number of incarnations and or not chosen to master that lesson in lieu of other experiences. And can we really fault person B? Christ didn’t think so. “Cast ye the first stone,” he said, “who has not sinned.” Christ could say this only because he knew full well that in previous incarnations everyone has sinned, even those among us that are now the most worthy. Shakespeare was right in thinking that all the world’s a stage and we are all actors, actors who take on a different role during each lifetime and at the end of the ‘play’ get off stage and while there (in heaven) being fully cognizant of our true spiritual nature, agree to return in another Earthly body to whatever experiences are necessary for our continued evolution.

However we don’t live our life in a closed system. The Earth is a living, sentient being, providing a home for us but also evolving in her own right and subject to outside influences from other heavenly bodies. We are most familiar with the movement of the Earth as it rotates in a twenty four hour period and as she courses through her annual orbit. Another, less familiar movement, that of the slow, small rotation of the axis, also occurs and is popularly called the Precession of the Equinox and a full rotation takes approximately 26,000 years. This later rotation is like the circle made by the top of a child’s spinning top. It’s a much smaller circle than the circle being made by the point of the spinning top and that top spin is what the Precession of the Earth looks like.

Ancient civilizations knew about this Precession, including the Mayan who left us detailed knowledge of the next completion of this cycle on December 21, 2012. The Mayan called it the end of the age and the beginning of a new one. The event that came to be known as the Harmonic Convergence commemorated the twenty five years before the culmination of the Precession in 2012 and it coincided with a significant date on the Mayan Calendar.

Chapter IV The Harmonic Convergence, August 17, 1987.
The Beginning of the Aquarian Age.

In order to take a stab at defining terms such as the Harmonic Convergence, a little more background is needed that will take us to what may seem far afield, but necessary since it forms the core of beliefs of New Age thinking.

Now the reason for the significance of the Harmonic Convergence lay in the scientific fact that not only does the Earth orbit the sun but the sun also orbits the center of the galaxy which takes between 225 and 250 million years. Therefore our Earth was not only about to culminate its Precession but also enter a portion of the Galaxy hitherto unknown to humanity, bringing forth an influx of new and powerful energies. The Earth would begin receiving these new energies somewhere at the time of the Harmonic Convergence, which was in August of 1987.

Leaving Pisces and entering Acquarius

What follows is based on a number of important points covered in previous chapters, namely that human consciousness is comprised of individual free will moderated by outside influences, including astrological phenomena, generational patterns, world events that precipitate a human response, the influences of particular geographical locations, the influence of other humans etc. We’re at a point where the reader, if he or she is to continue, has to accept on faith and their discerning mind and heart, for evidence is yet scanty and the dots are not fully connected. Much of what follows comes by way of channelings received by individuals who are receptive to messages received from spiritual entities whose role is to assist humanity in this next important stage of its evolution. Channelings are not much different than intuitions, premonitions, prophetic dreams, synchronous events, for they all spring from our connection to our Higher Self, to our Soul, to God.

Humanity has always been blessed with spiritual apparitions and messages from spiritual entities as documented in scriptures. Thus we have record of Our lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Lourdes, the Virgin de Guadalupe, the Burning Bush and on and on. Channelings being received today are therefore in line with any of those communications previously received. But because they are received by people one has to be mindful, for not all channelers are of the same ability, and one must use good sense in evaluating the content.

Although the various channelers whose messages are posted on the Internet in places such as, vary to some degree, there is nonetheless a core of information that is being communicated that is essential in understanding this important transition to a different and higher age.

Although understood by relatively few people, the implications of the approaching date of 12.21.2012 were enormous for the new energies were to help usher in an age unlike no other, an age where human motives and behavior would be based on unity instead of on survival as it has been in the previous age we have just left. It will be an age where every individual can reach a higher more rarified dimension, one where spirit is evident, where war is but a lesson in history, where economic inequalities do not exist, where tolerance for differences is the norm and where the problems of sustainable resources, including energy, have been solved. It also will be an Earth where individuals have learned to heal themselves and where life spans will be greatly increased.

Although these new energies are powerful allies, it still requires that humanity have the intent to move upward and it will take a few generations to achieve such a high degree of development for 2012 was merely an opening and people need to pass through willingly. Humanity has stood in a similar place before and failed to capitalize on the opportunity, Atlantis being the greatest example, having achieved a very high degree of technological and spiritual development but eventually self-destructing when a collection of Atlanteans began weaponizing the technology that sustained their civilization.

Today in a similar fashion there are many individuals that want to retain the old age and everything that characterized that era. Examples of such holdouts abound throughout the world. Here is a partial list

1.People with political power do not want to loosen their grip.
2. Men want to retain customs and traditions that subject women to mutilations, rape, beatings, disfigurement and slavery.
3. The wealthy don’t want to distribute wealth more equitably.
4. Developed countries want to continue exploiting less developed countries.
5. Religious zealots, intolerant of other religions, want to convert everyone to theirs or worse, exterminate them.   
6. Corporations want to exercise undue influence in all affairs of state.
7. Corporations and individuals want to continue exploiting natural resources regardless of the degradation to the environment.
8. Individuals want to continue excluding others based on gender, race, ethnicity, political views, religion, income level etc.  
9. Those involved in crime want to retain and enlarge their operations and profits.
10. Armament manufacturers and suppliers long for armed conflicts. 

The days of individuals keeping old energies alive are numbered. The youth born for the new age will not relent in their efforts to establish a new Earth. Nor will those older persons that came to help usher in the new energies. The Earth is supporting them and so are the heavenly bodies in orbit as well as those passing through as comets and meteors. Some of these changes will bring forth violence by those trying to maintain what has been in place for thousands of years. We are seeing that now and much of the populace is giving in to fear and think that they are seeing long lasting chaos and destruction. They don’t yet understand that the old energy is in its last throes and that old energy has to surface in order to be cleared away. Staying clear of fear is important for it blocks love and compassion, both greatly needed in this time of change.

One may visualize the change in energy that has been initiated by thinking of a dense forest that has evolved over a long period of time and helped establish an ecosystem with a variety of plants, animals and insects that have made the forest their home. Each and everyone provides a key component to the ecosystem and helps keep it in balance. However outside forces impinge on this ecosystem and the energy of these outside forces are vital to the state of the forest. This energy is in the form of sunlight, wind, rain, earth movements etc. Certain human behaviors have heretofore been supported by outside energies from the cosmos and these behaviors such as greed, aggression, violence, will no longer be supported and in their stead unity, compassion, love and tolerance will be fostered.

We see similar fear engendered by Earth changes such as earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, erupting volcanoes and unusual climatic conditions. What we must realize is that Our Earth is also evolving and this process requires that she undergo tremendous changes. And many of the changes can be attributed to a water cycle that we have entered that will last a few more years than an average generation, bringing forth a cooling period not unlike a mini ice age. The concomitant melting of the ice caps shifts tremendous weight from one region to another, putting strains and stresses that need release. And although much has been said and written about global warming and attributing it to the burning of fossil fuels, the warming period that we have experienced is but a prelude to the cooling that has already begun.

We are also alarmed when we take note that certain species are declining in numbers and some even becoming extinct. Our natural response has been to cast blame on people, yet Earth has seen many species come and go and it happens in accordance with a plan of what is needed and the time it is needed, for every living organism brings with it a specific role to fill for a certain time and once its time has passed it is no longer useful and it dies off. We can therefore expect continued changes in our social and physical environment.

There have been many startling occurrences in the history of Western civilization, not the least of which was the ability to circumnavigate the Earth and discover not only new lands but people living very different lives, worshiping unknown gods and goddesses, eating strange foods and having a knowledge base that was both primitive and advanced. For those that experienced it first hand it was a mind altering experience as if they had been cast into another world. And we too as we embark on this journey of jumping into a higher dimension where many of our most basic tenets will be challenged and at times discounted, will be astounded and we’ll have to wrap our minds on revelations that seem bizarre. One of those attributes of the higher dimension is the world of quantumness.

And what does being quantum mean? The term quantum originated in physics and is defined as:
the smallest quantity of some physical property, such as energy, that a system can possess and a particle with such a unit of energy

However such a definition is staid and obscures the depth of what quantum really is. Einstein is reputed to have said that it was “spooky”. And why is that, one may ask. Here is one person’s observation of what quantum entails:

1. human consciousness affects the behavior of subatomic particles

2. particles move backwards and forwards in time and appear in all possible places at once

3. the universe is splitting, every planck-time (10 e-43 seconds) into billions of parallel universes

4. the universe is interconnected with faster than light transfers of information

(A Lazy Layman’s Guide to Quantum Physic by James Higgo)

The scientific world relegates quantum to the subatomic world but within the New Age community quantumness is known to be the norm in the higher dimensions and is characterized by time and space lacking linearity. Unlike life on Earth in the third dimension where time is broken up into the past, the present and the future, such a condition does not exist in the higher dimensions and only the present exists. We get a glimpse of a quantum condition when we dream and we juxtapose places and people that never were together in our ‘real world’. For example we can dream of our grandmother being in our home and interacting with our children, children born after she died in the old country. The mind is also in a quantum state and can leap around without regard to time and space as exhibited by intuitions, hunches, gut feelings, or premonitions.

Eventually humanity will gain access to abilities that are outlined by James Higgo in the previous paragraph, namely that our consciousness can alter the outer world, that we’ll be able to go “forwards and backwards” in time, that we’ll be able to communicate telepathically, and that we’ll be able to be in one or more places at the same “time”.

The fact that we have free will prevents anyone from having true prophetic visions regarding what lies ahead for Earth and for humanity. What can be seen are potentials for this or that event or activity, potentials that vary from low to high probability, subject to human will and or natural events. What lies ahead for humanity is thus seen as an outline without specificity and of course we should see this with excitement for it is thus up to us to have great vision, great big dreams that we in a quantum state can manifest for we have that power within us. And most importantly to connect with Spirit through alone time and meditation and to embrace love and spread love and compassion through our thoughts and behavior

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