Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Face Your Fears At Casa Sedano. Brown Oscar from Vallejo. Opera, Teatro Updates.

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa
Michael Sedano

Over the years since I retired from the world of work, Casa Sedano has become, if not a hot spot, at least a warm spot for home-based razacentric literary events.

We’ve enjoyed Magu’s Mental Menudo gatherings, qepd Magu. In Magu’s absence we call them Mental Cocidos. In winter we have Living Room Floricanto, in balmier weather we’ll have Backyard Floricanto. Now and again, the Stanford Chicana Chicano Alumni Book Club gathers in the front room to meet authors like Lucha Corpi, Alfredo Véa, and Melinda Palacio. One evening, a bunch of friends joined two of The Three Louies in a post-performance cast party.

Great company, good chow, lots of fun. ¿Sabes que? Don’t feel left out. Visit Latinopia.com to share Jesus Treviño’s videos of writers at Casa Sedano, including Melinda Palacio, Lucha Corpi, Jesus Treviño, Rudy Garcia, Daniel Olivas, Manuel Ramos, Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo.

These have been wonderful gatherings at Casa Sedano, that, while unique, aren’t rare. Anyone with a living room, or access to a local library’s community spaces, or an hospitable coffee bar like Pasadena’s La Zona Rosa, can invite over some gente and do floricanto.

Something new comes our way. Casa Sedano looks forward to hosting a pair of Ana Castillo’s “Face Your Fears” writing workshops on March 31.

A morning workshop at the Santa Catalina branch of the Pasadena Public Library filled fast and is fully subscribed. Casa Sedano hosts Ana Castillo and the afternoon workshoppers. Click here to enroll or request more details.

Who knows, the next Great Chicanx Novel may find its origins in my backyard. Now that would be a really cool outcome, in addition to the fun. I trust my old walls will be able to hold all the creative energy that will fill our chante. If you’re in SoCal, join us on March 31.

Castillo workshops are scheduled for Austin and Denver. Visit the writer's Facebook page for your city's event.

Linda Vallejo Projects and Shows

Linda Vallejo's arte never fails to grab viewers by the funny bone all the while refining one's aesthetic values. Vallejo's stunning ideas executed with unrestrained skill provide memorable visits and lasting joy. Perusing Linda Vallejo's website rewards the viewer with not only the artist's work but a calendar of places you'll want to be to see this work in person.  http://lindavallejo.com

Late-breaking news
Cancelled! Bless Me, Ultima the Opera Discussion in Palo Alto

Not Cancelled! LA's Best Teatro Deal

Click here for the teatro website.

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