Thursday, February 08, 2018

It's Carnival Time in New Orleans

Melinda Palacio

When I heard there was a good chance for rain, I often for duck boots and a big rain poncho (not pictured).

Last Saturday marked the second year I marched in the All Wonder Woman Walking Krewe. It's a fun group of almost two hundred women. This year only a hundred marched because rain threatened to rain on our parade, and it did indeed sprinkle. My costume this year was about warmth and comfort, no bustier or shorts for me. I was almost one of the many who backed out due to the fact my broken leg is unhappy during cold or drizzly weather. But I was glad I rallied and marched in the parade. Here are a few photos. Fat Tuesday and the end of the Mardi Gras season is four days away. More on Mardi in my next column. For now, I'm keeping this one short. Until then, let the good times roll.

With our leader and founder Marti Dumas

Anyone can join the Wonder Woman Krewe. It is a diverse group of all ages. Everyone has their own interpretation of wonder woman. 

Our group is a crowd pleaser. Each wonder woman makes throws  that people clamor for, the goods are as diverse as a handkerchief or hand sewn doll to buttons and the keys to Wonder Woman's invisible jet. 

Here's our Marie Antoinette Wonder Woman.

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