Thursday, February 28, 2019

Chicanonautica: Beyond the SFF Latinx Bundle

by Ernest Hogan
The SFF Latinx Bundle, one of the great deals of the year is over, sorry.

But if you’re a chronic procrastinator, or just scalp-deep in the craziness of our times, don’t dive into the pit of despair just yet. The bundle may have been archived, but the books are all still available, as they were before.

To remind you about them, I will be reviewing them (with the exception of the one I wrote, because you have probably been hearing enough about it lately).

I have already read and reviewed some of these books, and my thoughts on Signal to Noise and The Closet of Discarded Dreams are just a click away.

(Note: I know the link to the Closet review is to a blurb, not a review. I could have sworn that I wrote a review of Closet, but I can’t find it. Maybe I misremembered the blurb as a review. Awk, this is getting more gonzo than I intended . . .)

Unfortunately, the website where I reviewed Soulsaver is no more, and my file of it was lost in one of my many computer crashes of the new millennium. I’ll review it again; it’s been a while.

Meanwhile, I’ve read Lords of the Earth, and Ink, and am going through The Assimilated Cuban’s Guide to Quantum Santeria. This will give me plenty of material for Chicanonautica in the next few months.

Something earthshaking and on subject could also come along that I just have to write about.

It probably will happen. 2019 promises to be a year of political madness, and a lot of it is aimed at us Chicano/Latino/Latinx/Latinoids.

We seem to be what’s happening.

Meanwhile, it's great to have a lot of Latinx science fiction and fantasy (with us, the line blurs, because magic realism from a sufficiently advanced technological culture tends to be indistinguishable from science fiction) to read while dodging the pendejadas.

Ernest Hogan runs around trying to survive in our desmadreized world. Sometimes the results look like art, literature, entertainment, or some other pretense of culture. The imagination is a weapon, or at least his is.

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