Friday, May 03, 2019

Jazz Fest New Orleans 50th: Week Two

Melinda Palacio

Selling beer, not books at the drink tent for the Carolton Rotary Club

With all the disappointment of the Rolling Stones backing out, then Stevie Nicks, there are plenty of bands holding up eight days of music at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, which celebrates 50 years. The festival is also legendary for its food, but it's the music that makes people willing to pony up the $85 dollars at the door. I volunteer slinging beer for the Carolton Rotary Club. I'm glad to see the resurrection of the book tent as a pop up inside the grandstands this year. Santana was a highlight and made up for the no Stones day. Today, I'm looking forward to catching Los Lobos in the Blues Tent, who are celebrating their 45th year of touring. Orale! I'm making this post short because I have writing to do before listening to more music and selling drinks. If you are in New Orleans, find me at the drink tent between the Crawfish Monica food stand and the Acura stage.
One last thing, my favorite thing at Jazz Fest this year is the Chouval Bwa from Martinique, a merry-go round in creole tradition where a live band plays at the center and two strong men power the ride.

Carlos Santana

Chouval Bwa is the best! More big kids than little ones.

Chouval Bwa, take a ride

Ziggy Marley

Mavis Staples

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