Thursday, November 21, 2019

Chicanonautica: Getting Ready for Holidaze in Trumptopia


By the luck of the draw, for the first time in years, I’m not doing Thanksgiving duty here at La Bloga. I thank the gods, and wonder what else I should do?

For me, this time of year tends to be a confusing blur. I call it the Holidaze. I’ve got this traffic jam of Guajalote Day, anniversary, birthday, Guadalupe Day, Christmas, News Years that usually ends up hijacking me.

Not to mention the Aztec and other indigenous festivals.

And that editors and publishers have a habit of getting back to during this time of year. 

And I really wanted to finish the novel I’m working on before 2020 gets here . . .

So Happy Holidaze! Because we got more than Jesus going on here.

There’s Donald Trump.

Yeah, I haven’t done an update on Trumptopia in a while . . .

So, congratulations, we’ve got impeachment hearings! Things that have been denied as fake news for weeks are being confirmed as true. The supporters spinning it all to seem positive are beyond absurd. It’s also tedious as all hell, but we’re getting things like school shooting to break up the saturation coverage.

So, what's this about a mysterious hospital visit?

And how’s that wall coming? USA Today did an interactive map of its progress, and it doesn’t look very good. Lots of gaps. Not the unbreachable barrier we heard so much about. 

Just look at the Rio Grande. Nothing. Nobody ever mentions how they’re going to build the wall on the river . . .

If I voted for a guy who promised something like that and did such a miserable job of delivering, I’d be mad. At least they have those concentration camps to make them happy in the interim. 

But nobody seems to be happy in Trumptopia. The overall mood is . . . well, weird. Like everybody’s waiting for something big and ugly to go down.

Not long ago, a stranger walked up to me and blurted, “I’m so mad, because the democrats want to impeach Bush and there’s no reason!” That’s not a typo. He said Bush. Must be living in a sociopolitical time warp.

And we will still have an election. After the Holidaze, we get the primaries. They should be fun.

Looks like the Twenty-Twenties will roar. Keep 
your hands and feet inside the vehicle. It’s going to be a wild ride.

Ernest Hogan is the author of High Aztech, Smoking Mirror Blues, and Cortez on Jupiter. They are all great gift ideas.

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