Friday, November 29, 2019

Grateful for Black Clouds on Black Friday

Melinda Palacio 

Fire broke out on Camino Cielo in Santa Barbara last Tuesday.  I wondered if my house would survive. We were lucky, no homes burned during the Cave Fire. Global warming means frequent fires are the new normal. 

My view from the car. I still have files, books and close packed in suitcases for a quick getaway. 

 The mandatory evacuation zone was blocks from my house.

The national forest fire brought crews in from as far away as Yuma. Seeing the trucks leave Santa Barbara was a welcome sight. Thank you firefighters near and far. I trust some got home in time for Thanksgiving. 

Three Pies done and a feast for 16 friends coming up. 

 I’m grateful for this writing life that now includes music. Gracias La Bloga subscribers. 

Black rain clouds also brought a double rainbow and good luck. Thank you. 

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