Thursday, February 27, 2020

Chicanonautica: American Monsters, Dirt, and Other Chingaderas

The lizard on the ceiling is still watching over me. Or maybe I’m hallucinating. Those fumes at work yesterday because of the remodeling were something.

I’m tempted to do a stream-of-consciousness rant about the latest developments in the election, and the new literary movement that spoinked out of American Dirt pendejada when it’s just the media finally noticing Latinoid writers like we just snuck across the border while in reality we’ve been around for a long time and they just haven’t been seeing us . . .

The lizard moved again. It’s not hibernating. Just moving really slow.

And there are other things, good things happening.

Like my contributor’s copy of American Monsters Part Two (Part One being about South America) making its way from Merry Olde England to Wild and Wooly Arizona.

My story, “Cuca” about a luchadora, the monsters of Aztlán, and 21st century culture come together in the sixth volume of a series of coffee table books from Fox Spirit Books about monsters from all over this crazy planet. Chicano fiction crashes a global monster bash!

In a gorgeous book with classy illustrations, it will jazz up your coffee table and show your guests that you're hip to monsters.

Ya gotta know your monsters. Especially when a lot of them are running for office.

Uh-oh, the lizard moved again. It’s getting closer . . .

Ernest Hogan is not just a Chicano cyberpunk.¡Viva Myriam Gurba!

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