Thursday, March 19, 2020

Covid-19, the Proverbial Sh*T Hits the Fan

Melinda Palacio

This is my second post on Covid 19. Two weeks ago, I was in New Orleans, people were still going about their business and keeping up with their social lives. I went to a concert at an art museum with dozens of people. I was careful not to hug or shake hands, but the Corona virus didn't seem like a big threat as hundreds of my writer and education friends chose to go to a large conference in San Antonio, even though  the mayor had declared a state of emergency due to the outbreak. Today, with all events, schools, and most workplaces closed, the world is a different place as the global pandemic has showed everyone the seriousness of a dormant virus in which a person carrying the virus can infect several people without knowing they are infected. With people dying, quarantines in place, not enough medical equipment in our country, and the economy tanking, it seems like the end of the world. However, I can only hope that people will start to show their better sides and stop hoarding things like toilet paper and butter. Stores have gotten the memo about how a few rotten people can make life difficult for others. I made a second trip to Whole Foods yesterday and the management has put a limit on the amount of eggs, butter, and other high demand items people can buy. My sister who is a nurse in Downey, California, tells me there is a shortage of masks and protective gear for staff and patients. I tried to find a little solace by going for a walk in nature. Here are some photos from Lake Los Carneros (a pond really) in Goleta. I am grateful that walking in nature is still an option during this time of isolation and social distancing. Take care everyone.

Enjoying the fresh air

a nice path


Swans fish

Goleta the Good Land




I work for the Phoenix Public Library. Right now the entire system is shut down. I'm wondering when they'll be calling me back to work.

msedano said...

public trails now closed. neighborhood walks and animal urgencies permitted. how about that? do you enjoy reading on the computer screen, ebooks?