Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Activities to do at home with our children

Thousands of children are staying at home around the world due to Coronavirus. I am posting some activities that you can do at home with your niños and niñas.

If you want to read children’s books on line visit the International Children's Digital Library. Please read to your child everyday. There are books in many different languages.

#yomequedoencasa  #maybesomethingbeautiful

Author and illustrator, Rafael Lopez is posting black and white drawings from his books that didn't make to the final cut.

He says, “This way young readers will discover drawings never seen before and an opportunity to color them in their own way. If you like to share your drawing post it on social media with a hashtag like #yomequedoencasa, or #maybesomethingbeautiful.”

Other illustrators are joining to this great idea!

Joe Cepeda

Steve Musgrave

If you are an illustrator, you can post your art on social media and add   #yomequedoencasa  or #maybesomethingbeautiful

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