Friday, May 15, 2020

Pandemic Parties: Social Distance Fun During Covid-19 and an Invite for You

Melinda Palacio

Our first house concert was a success. We set out two tables at the end of the garage and three people attended.  It sure feels good to play music for friends. 
Our friends celebrated their wedding anniversary by having a drive by car celebration, complete with a goody bag and jugglers.The teenage girls next door also had a car parade birthday party, which soon turned into a block party as revelers got out of their car and started dancing and cheering on the birthday girl who watched from her front steps. I was the old lady neighbor who wanted the girls to stop screaming, but that's what some little girls do when they are happy to see each other, they scream and jump and dance. This is the new pandemic party. It sure beats a zoom meeting for a birthday. I've attended a few of the zoom meeting birthday parties and it always makes me a little sad when all I can do is sing happy birthday. No enjoying of party favors, hors d'oeuvres or cake. 
Steve and I went to wish our friend Marianna a happy birthday.  She invited us for a socially distant glass of wine. How could we refuse? It was her birthday. This is pandemic partying. 
Recently, one of my favorite activities is walking to Renaud's Patisserie in Loretto Plaza. You can view the books at Chaucer's and see people as they pick up their orders at Harry's. I usually order a latté. By the time I walk back home, I've clocked in two miles and 6, 000 steps plus all the people watching is a Covid win-win. 
Harry's Plaza Cafe. It just doesn't seem as much fun ordering food and drinks to consume by yourself in your house.  However, plenty of people picked up orders while I finished my latté from Renaud's. At least someone's having a fun private party in Santa Barbara. 
Here's a party you are all invited to. The Live Facebook reading of the Wandering Song, Central American Writing in the United States, an anthology by Tia Chucha Press. Don't miss this pandemic party Sunday May 17 at 5pm PDT. 

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