Thursday, April 01, 2021

Road Trip During Plague Time with a Pooch: Photos

 Melinda Palacio 

Pandora the pandemic pup has the best seat in the house for a road trip from Santa Barbara to New Orleans.
After eight hours, we reach Flagstaff and Pandora’s first time seeing snow. She enjoyed eating it.

Hours later and we move from high desert to the low desert of  New Mexico.

Sunset in New Mexico and we stop in Grants, New Mexico for the evening. 

We followed highway 40 which zipped in and out of Route 66.

The Quality Inn is home for the evening. It’s the only hotel in town that allows dogs. It’s a bit rundown but the room is spacious and I was able to make a zoom meeting. 

More desert until the sun rises in Albuquerque. 

After an uneventful evening at a La Quinta in Oklahoma, a vibrant sun rose in Louisiana. 
A lonely barn and tree hold onto winter. Next stop New Orleans. More on that adventure next time. 

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