Thursday, November 18, 2021

Chicanonautica: Help El Porvenir, ¡Ya!

by Ernest Hogan

Breaking news! El Porvenir, ¡Ya! Citlalzazanilli Mexicatl Chicano Science Fiction Anthology--with a preface and previously unpublished story by yours truly--is ready to go, but first, there's a Kickstarter, because the heartless corporations that own the big-time publishers are convinced that there's no viable audience for Chicano sci-fi. "A noisy minority," they once told me. So, it's up to real human beings like you to prove them wrong. Give a little (or a lot if you can). Let's show them how noisy we can get.



Ernest Hogan is the Father of Chicano Science Fiction. ¡Viva Zazaismo!

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