Thursday, April 04, 2024

Chicanonautica: Our Creative Realidades

And suddenly, I’m published again. This time in Our Creative Realidades, an anthology of creative nonfiction from Somos en escrito.

From the official announcement:

This explorative collection resounds as a first-hand account of experiences and visions that offer powerful responses to such questions, found in the diverse writings of Kathleen Alcalá, Juan Alvarado Valdivia, Carmen Baca, Norma Burgos-Vázquez, Vanessa Caraveo, Robert René Galván, Nisé Guzmán Nekheba, Ernest Hogan, Maria Nieto, Matthew Olivas, Violeta Orozco, Álvaro Ramírez, Edel Romay, Dionisio Salazar, David Vela and Rosa Martha Villarreal. 

Yes, we Latinoids have realidades. Note the plural. And they get creative. Sometimes the lines blur between fiction and nonfiction.


Take my contribution:

See? Not only did they call me Ernesto (which I don’t mind, I’ve been answering to it all my life, it’s just that it’s not what’s on my birth certificate, and I get tired of telling about the Irish cabin boy who jumped ship in San Francisco, ended up in New Mexico, and later disappeared in SF in that big earthquake), but they identified “Lost in Trumptopia” as a short story. A lot of it is the truth as I saw it, but I do get imaginative at times, sometimes downright sci-fi.

Here’s an sample:

It’s the Trumpian dream in action: Let the post-modern robber barons run amok. Maybe they can convert the entire planet into liquid assets. Then they can go off in snazzy spaceships to launch a program of galactic liquefaction. We don’t need no stinking aliens. We are the invaders. We are the menace.

It came from pieces I first posted both here at La Bloga, and at Mondo Ernesto. Strung together there is a story arc. Kinda feels like fiction.

Hope it’s not the shape of things to come . . .

Ernest Hogan also wants to you buy Guerrilla Mural of a Siren’s Song: 15 Gonzo Science Fiction Stories.

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Anonymous said...

Already bought your book🤗 AND YES!! You are 100.'% a sci-fictian with a chicano soul🩷 Yes, your blog reads to me, as if you are sharing your ideas for your next book🫶🏼