Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New Bilingual Titles from Lectura Books

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The Shark That Taught Me English/
El tiburón que me enseñó inglés
By Michelle Markel
Illustrations by Bo Young Kim

Summary: In The Shark That Taught Me English, a young girl named Sofia comes to the United States from Mexico with her family and doesn’t speak a word of English. When she arrives at school, she struggles with the seemingly insurmountable language barrier. Sofia only scrapes by with the help of another Spanish-speaking student, until one day her teacher develops a simple yet ingenious method to help Sofia understand English. The shark that taught me English brings to life the linguistic experiences of generations of immigrants who struggle to learn a new language. In this book a young schoolgirl learns that even something as dangerous as a shark can bring positive change in one’s life.

Teo in Palo Verde/ Teo en Palo Verde
By Adam Del Rio
Illustrations by Noel Ill

Summary: The second installment in the award-winning Teo character series, Teo in Palo Verde continues the story of Teo and his family who have just moved to a completely new area in Los Angeles. Though fast to find friends and happy in his new home, Teo soon learns that others are not as fortunate. Teo’s innate curiosity and good nature lead him to reach out and do what he can to help a young girl and her grandmother. This adorable story about helping others teaches us that even the smallest token of kindness is not only greatly appreciated, but can help truly connect us to other people.

Carlito’s Story / La historia de Carlito
By Max Benavidez & Katherine Del Monte

Summary: In Carlito’s Story, we are reintroduced to the Rodriguez family from Graciela’s Dream. This time we follow Carlito, the younger brother of Graciela, through his adolescent journey. Though naturally creative, Carlito is held back by the gang lifestyle that is idealized on the streets of poor neighborhoods in the big city. This book outlines one family’s attempt at rerouting a lost child with limitless potential before he goes too far down the wrong path.

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