Saturday, May 03, 2008

Go Somewhere Else for Latinos in Lotusland, Really!

Almost South of the Border, Down San Diego land...
Somewhere Else! Located in downtown El Cajon at 330 North Magnolia, Somewhere Else Coffeehouse and Bookstore, 619-441-0480

Book Signing

Latinos in Lotusland
Saturday May 3, 2008
2:00 - 4:00

With contributing authors
Victorio Barragan
Jennifer Silva Redmond

Latinos in Lotusland brings to life Latino
denizens of Los Angeles and the city's
surrounding communities. The stories describe
complex, diverse characters: young and old, gay
and straight, rich and poor. Meet a
Cuban-American screenwriter trying to pitch the
"real" story behind the Bay of Pigs fiasco, a
Mexican woman who believes she's seen a
miracle, youths trying to avoid gang life while
others embrace it, and many others.

Contributors include Kathleen Alcalá, Frederick
Luis Aldama, Lisa Alvarez, Victorio Barragán,
Daniel Chacón, Kathleen De Azevedo, Alex
Espinoza, Rudy Ch. Garcia, Estella González,
Melanie González, Rigoberto González, Reyna
Grande, Stephen D. Gutiérrez, Álvaro Huerta,
Michael Jaime-Becerra, Manuel Luis
Martínez,Alejandro Morales, Manuel Muñoz,
Daniel A. Olivas, Melinda Palacio, Salvador
Plascencia, John Rechy, Jennifer Silva Redmond,
Manuel Ramos, Sandra Ramos O'Briant, Wayne
Rapp, Luis J. Rodríguez, Danny Romero,
Conrad Romo, Jorge Saralegui, Mario Suárez,
Luis Alberto Urrea, Richard Vásquez, and
Helena María Viramontes.

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Daniel A. Olivas said...

Michael, thanks for posting this announcement...Jennifer and Victorio have wonderful stories in the anthology so try not to miss this exciting event if you're in the San Diego area. Maybe we'll have some photos to share later...