Saturday, October 18, 2008

Book Give-Away! Read All About It.

Here's the final quiz in the La Bloga / Hachette Book Give-Away.

Publisher Hachette Book Group, as a way of recognizing "Hispanic Heritage Month", will mail this eight-title library of outstanding reading to the first person correctly answering the questions below, and provided the response includes a mailing address:

Dream in Color By Linda Sánchez , Loretta Sánchez ISBN: 0446508047
Gunmetal Black By Daniel Serrano ISBN: 0446194131
The Gifted Gabaldón Sisters By Lorraine López ISBN: 0446699217
Bless Me, Ultima By Rudolfo Anaya ISBN: 0446675369
Brownsville By Oscar Casares ISBN: 9780316146807
The Hummingbird's Daughter By Luis Urrea ISBN: 0316154520
The General and the Jaguar By Eileen Welsome ISBN: 0316715999
Tomorrow They Will Kiss By Eduardo Santiago ISBN: 0316014125

All answers are readily available in this week's La Bloga posts:

1. Floricanto Press published this biography of a community worker and Monterey County judge.

2. Flor Y Canto 2010, will be held at this university.

3. The big city referred to in Estrellita en la ciudad grande is this one.

4. This is the fellow who said "The paranoid person is in possession of all the facts."

5. His novel, Rise, Do Not Be Afraid was a nominee for a Colorado Book Award.

Once you've assembled your answers to these questions, click here -- please include your mailing address -- and if you're the first to send in the right answers, you'll get your eight outstanding books from Hachette.

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