Saturday, October 11, 2008

Book Give-Away

Here's a final opportunity, as Fiestas Patrias Month winds to a close, to receive the set of eight delightfully readable titles listed below. Send in your answers to the following La Bloga-related questions. 

1. She writes La Bloga's Not-Every-Sunday column. 
2. He edited Latinos in Lotusland and writes La Bloga's Monday column.
3. He's the Tuesday guy for La Bloga.
4. This children's books writer appears on La Bloga Wednesday.
5. She's la chicana from Chicago, writes on Thursday for La Bloga.
6. La Bloga's Friday guy, we're looking for him to finish that novel.
7. He's an elementary school teacher whose work now and then appears in La Bloga; he's also the guy who started La Bloga. 

Hint: look at our photos at the top of the page, and read "About"! Haz klik aquí to send in your list of La Bloga's blogueras blogueras. Remember to include a mailing address.

Thanks to Hachette for making the following available on this "Hispanic Heritage Month" book give-away:

Dream in Color by Linda Sánchez, Loretta Sánchez
Gunmetal Black by Daniel Serrano
The Gifted Gabaldón Sisters by Lorraine López
Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya
Brownsville by Oscar Casares
The Hummingbird's Daughter by Luis Urrea
The General and the Jaguar by Eileen Welsome
Tomorrow They Will Kiss by Eduardo Santiago

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