Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out

$29.99 isbn-10/isbn-13:
076362067x / 9780763620677
on sale date:
09/2008 type/format:
Anthology / Hard Cover
age range:
10 yrs and up # of pages/size:
256 / 9 1/4" x 10 1/8"
grade range:
Grade 5 and up

Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out

Author: National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance
Conceived and co-created by the National Children's Book and Literary Alliance, this incomparable collection of essays, personal accounts, historical fiction, and poetry melds with an equally stunning array of original art to offer a multifaceted look at America's history through the prism of the White House. Starting with a 1792 call for designers to plan a presidential mansion and continuing through the present day, OUR WHITE HOUSE takes in everything from the amusing antics of presidents' children and pets to the drama of the White House ablaze and the specter of war; from the role of immigrants, African Americans, and Native Americans to the thoughts and actions of many presidents themselves. These highly engaging writings and illustrations, expressing varied viewpoints and interwoven with key historical events, are a vital resource for family sharing and classroom use -- and a stirring reminder that the story of the White House is the story of every American.

More than one hundred leading authors and illustrators donate their talents in a creative tour de force that is making history.

Author’s comments:
The National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance is a not-for-profit literacy organization founded in 1997 by Mary Brigid Barrett and composed of award-winning children's authors and illustrators, including M. T. Anderson, Natalie Babbitt, Susan Cooper, Nikki Grimes, Steven Kellogg, David Macaulay, Patricia MacLachlan, Gregory Maguire, Patricia and Fredrick McKissack, Linda Sue Park, and Katherine Paterson.

For more information about the NCBLA's goals and activities, visit their website and blog.

La Bloga Politica

Don't forget to vote on November 4th.

Who will get the flag?

My wild guess is:

Obama 50%
McCain 46%
Others 4%.

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