Thursday, May 21, 2009

National Latino Writers Conference

Here are a handful of snapshots from Thursday's Day One of the 2009 National Latino Writers Conference. 

Each day concludes with a beautiful event, a ten minute Open Mic concert. Writers get ten minutes, timed to the second, to share their work, poem, story, novel. My apologies to the writers that I have not documented their names here.

This is La Bloga's René Colato Laínez and his Los Bloguitos teammates. Below, Malín Alegría enjoys a tasty moment of poetry.

Here Greta Pullen and a National Hispanic Cultural Center staff member draw the names.
Laughter during Demetria Martínez' seminar on writing memoir.

Lydia Gil workshop on cultural journalism. Photographers will appreciate the challenge of shooting against a white screen in a dimly illuminated auditorium.

A moment of mirth during Reyna Grande's novel writing seminar. Another low light space. I dislike flash, so intrusive.

The morning opens with an alumna of the NHCC's youth workshops. Maybe Carlos will send us the poem that drew tears from some of the morning plenary session attendees.
Felipe Ortego y Gasca's address on the status of latino letters. Perhaps La Bloga can share the text of Dr. Ortego's address?
The host with the most, Carlos Vásquez, Director of History and Literary Arts. Carlos and the staff run a fantastic event. Warm hospitality, a beautiful facility. ¡Ajúa¡ Carlos & gente.

Following are an NHCC board member, and the director of the Center, Danny López.

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Jan Rog said...

How wonderful to see the Latino Writers Collective of the Midwest. I highly recommend you read their poems and short stories. Better yet, sit in the audience and enjoy their presentations.

Some will charm you; others may disturb you - - who knows? Every writer is amazing in his or her unique way.

Jan Rog
English, ESL, and Humanities
Metropolitan Community College
Kansas City