Sunday, July 05, 2009

Book winners, finally!

Okay, this is a day late, but after some thought, much beer and a little coin tossing, we have the winners of the Drollerie Press Ebook anthology Needles & Bones that includes my Chicano fantasy story Memorabilia.

The original contest rules were to "compose a synopsis of what a book entitled Agujas & Huesos (needles & bones) might be about. 'Best' synopsis wins."

N.G. Rodriguez submitted: "No podia ser de otra manera. Con cara de preocupación les ordeno que le trajeran media docena de agujas, (una por cada extremidad mas una extra), y un rollo de hilo blanco. Abrieron ataúd, y Don Jose se dio a la tarea de ligar los huesos como si remendara un pantalón roto. Eran las cinco de la tarde, y hacia calor. Observando el desorden en se encontraban los huesos pensó que antes de las tres de la madrugada habría terminado de hilar el esqueleto de Domingo Rosas, eso suponiendo que no faltara ninguna pieza."

Blogger Artful Chica submitted: The dreams came in spurts, sometimes leaving Ofelia paralyzed and disoriented. She would wake up screaming and flailing at things that didn't exist. "Mama what are we going to do?"
"Go get your Abuela and hurry." Nana came running with her little black bag. Just as the old Indian woman unfurled a piece of ancient cloth that held a needle and bones. Ofelia sat straight up and screamed CHANECO!

Since I couldn't decide which was "better", both submitters win.

The following week I changed the rules to:
"Submit the names of three of Ramos's novels, spelled correctly, and I will randomly draw the name of one winner."

Out of the submissions--and here's where the coin tossing came in--the winner is . . . (insert drumroll here): Pati!

Since I don't know if I can get three copies of Needles & Bones, I'm going to see if one of the U.S. winners will accept a copy of Latinos in Lotusland instead. (Autographed by myself and Ramos, who also has a story in it.)

One encouraging thing to read in the readers' submissions was the following:
""LOVE the Blog...
"*Love, love, love* the blog as well!!!"
"Love the blog!"

We probably get more direct E-mails from readers telling us what they like (or don't) than we do Comments on the site. Maybe gente just prefer to give that personal touch, but I think I speak for all La Bloga Contributors who make this site what it is when I say that we love all feedback, but especialmente feedback left in the Comments section.

Lastly, you've only got one more week to get in on winning one of the five copies of The Disappearance of Irene Dos Santos by Margaret Mascarenhas that will be provided by the Hachette Book Group. Go here for details.

Speaking of contests

Mario Acevedo, another Denverite, of vampire novel fame, is running a really stupid contest called "Man, was I dumbass!" Here's the rules:

"The contest, in 75 words or less: Man, was I dumbass! Post your submission as a comment. The contest will be judged by our panel of crack contest judges in India. (Yes, in order to reduce costs, Biting-Edge has off-shored our contest judging.) Submissions will be graded on originality, spelling, and of course, the all important dumbassness. Contest decision will be final and not subject to appeal or bribery or complaining. Contest ends Midnight, Thursday, July 16, 2009."

He's even giving away prizes, but you're going to have to do better than Mario's testament. For more details go to The Biting Edge.

4th of July

For a different take on this 4th, go to Sedano's piece.

Es todo,

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Just Another She said...

Thank You for choosing me as one of your winners. I would graciously accept Latinos in Lotusland if you are unable to obtain 3 copies of Needle & Bones.

Gratefully Yours,
Yvonne Villareal- Torres
(Artful Chica)