Saturday, July 11, 2009

POC writers wanted

It means: People of color.

The Carl Brandon Society blog has been in existence almost as long as La Bloga. Their stated purpose: "dedicated to improving the visibility of people of colour in the speculative genres of science ffiction, fantasy, horror, magical realism, etc." This week in an article entitled
"Magazines and Editors Who Want More Diversity in Their Slushpiles" Delia Sherman (I believe) explains how she asked magazine editors which of them was looking for more diversity in submissions to their mags.

Go here for more info.

I don't know about you, but my submissions are already sitting at the bottom of too many slush piles, as it is. I've probably received as many responses as I have never-answereds in my lifetime as a writer.

The other problem I have with announcements like this is that usually for editors on the other side of the Mississippi, color = black. Oh, maybe a PR makes it in every now and then, but Easterners sometimes don't know what a Chicano is, even after you explain it to them. "Oh, you mean you're a Mexican."

Jokes aside, Delia's mission is a noble one, and perhaps will help one of our readers to finally get that really great story published. There's a handful of well-known periodicals on the list. Go check the site.


And the winners are:

Here are the winners of the five copies of The Disappearance of Irene Dos Santos by Margaret Mascarenhas that will be provided by the Hachette Book Group. Go here for the original contest rules.

They are (more drumrolls): Emily S., Renee G, AValenzuela, BellaDonna1975 and Patti! (Yeah, I know Patti already won once, but these prizes are too hot to not share.)

If the winners will send me their U.S. surface mail address, no P.O. boxes please, Hachette Book Group will get them in the mail. (I'll also be contacting you individually.)

Our thanks to Hachette for providing these copies. And hope you enjoy them!



Anonymous said...

How can I contact Rudy G to give him my address? I'll wait for him to contact me as well.

-A. Valenzuela

Renee G said...

I'll wait for my e-mail too. Delighted to see that I was chosen.

Emily said...

How exciting! Thank you!