Thursday, July 16, 2009


Raising a bilingual child is hard work, especially if you don't have familia close by and don't want your crío hooked to V-Me four or five hours a day... (Although, I must admit, their programming for children rocks!) So hats off to Denver's Pam Fochtman and her audiobook company, Lorito Books, which packages Spanish and bilingual children's books with audiobooks so kids can follow along in either language.

According to Fochtman, her company "is dedicated to building second language literacy and appreciation for the richness of Latino culture." For this, she insists on nothing less than perfection. I should know... Last year we recorded the audiobook of my Mimí's Parranda/La parranda de Mimí and she had me in the studio three times. The last time to insert a missing preposition! And never mind my Caribbean final "s"... Everything had to be read e-x-a-c-t-l-y as written. Now that's attention to detail. (Was I glad I hadn't written a novel!)

Anyway, check out Lorito Books here. Under new releases you'll find: Growing Up With Tamales/ Los tamales de Ana (Bilingual) hardback with CD, 35 minutes; Adivina qué soñé
(Spanish) paperback with CD, 15 minutes; El mono azul
(Spanish) paperback with CD, 21 minutes; and Nueve patas
(Spanish) paperback with CD, 28 minutes.

Another one for Denver!

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