Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Arte Público Press

Letter from Nicolás Kanellos, Ph.D.
Arte Público Press Director

Here is wishing you well during these economically trying times. Because many sectors in the economy are fairing poorly, Arte Público Press has also been suffering. As usual, the first budgets to be cut by state and local authorities are those for schools and libraries, precisely the major consumers of our books and where our children most need them. What’s worse, our largest consumers are from California, the state that has seen its schools and public services cut back the most.

If you wish Piñata Books, Arte Público Press and its Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage to continue to present, represent and safeguard Latino culture in education, the media and general society, you must help us overcome this financial shock to our system. Since August, our sales have plummeted by more than 25%, which can only mean laying off professionals and student workers, as well as publishing fewer books and conducting less research.

We can get over the economic hump this year, but only with your help. This is not part of any yearly solicitation that we do. This is a one-time request to help us make it until next fall, when we expect the economy to improve, and schools and libraries to respond.

Please help us with your personal, maximum contribution. Also, please consider sending this letter and attachment to benefactors you know, along with your own personal cover letter, or send us a list of names and addresses, and we will be happy to reach them.

We have very little time left before we seriously cut back our operations, and we urge you to be generous in your contribution and in providing contacts that can help us reach our goal.
Your contribution is fully tax-deductible. You may send us a check directly or use your credit card to donate via our portal

Thanks you so much for your past and current support and continued involvement in Arte Público and Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage Project. We appreciate your dedication to the importance of our mission and know that you are vital to its success.

With warmest regards and sincere appreciation for your generosity,

Nicolás Kanellos, Ph.D.

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