Sunday, November 22, 2009

Re-educate [some of] the idiots, while there's still time

[Today's regular columnist Tatiana de la tierra will return after dealing with personal matters. We wish her well.]

If events depicted in the movie 2012 ever really happen, and aliens land here a thousand years from now, consider how they might analyze the constructs and actions of us norteamericanos.

What will they think of remnants of the Border Wall built to keep out southern, dark-skinned immigrants, while no such wall exists to the north where live, largely, lighter skinned neighbors? Will they wonder why Mexican illegal immigration was just called the spade that it is--an informal system of slave labor?

We seem to be more turning into a nation of idiots (with some exceptions).

the Taos village idiot

Last summer the new owner of a Taos hotel decided to forbid his Hispanic employees from speaking Spanish in his presence, and even went so far as to tell them to Anglicize their names, for the sake of customers who couldn't understand the accent. If this entrepreneur knows no German or Japanese, people from those countries can only hope he never takes over businesses there, either.

Understand: the owner is in the tourism business, planning to make money off an area that's been occupied for at least 12,000 years by indigenous Americans, for nearly 500 years by Spanish speakers, and draws tourists from throughout the world looking for New Mexican food, art, history, culture, archaeology (and, yes, beautiful sunsets).

You can go here to read about the trouble he came up against, but, hopefully, those future aliens won't find a trace of him when they arrive. After all, they might think we ceased to exist because of some genetic brain disorder that made some try to erase cultural history.

Denver cowtown idiots

Those of you in the Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming, Kansas and Denver area might want to hope the aliens don't find remnants of this billboard out front of Wolf Automotive Group in Wheat Ridge, Colo., a Denver suburb.

Perpetuating the racist propaganda of the freakish Limbaugh-types, Wolf Automotive repeats the Big Lie about President Obama's birthplace, while at the same time comparing him to Osama Bin Laden.

If the aliens find evidence of 9/11, they might well assume that the U.S. disappeared after we turned our 9/11-paranoia-hate inwards, even against our own President.

Palin, the national idiot phenomenon

And when the aliens do land, hopefully all the 1.5 million copies of the Sarah Palin book will have long since crumbled into dust. Her idiocy is not to be found only within the pages of that book. The greater idiocy is that despite seemingly having no chance of being considered a viable national candidate, even by the Republicans, her appeal to the "evangelical subculture" might influence this country's headlong rush into a 2012 of its own making.

As President Obama plods in policy directions that make his second term doubtful, consider Max Blumenthal's words:
"If [Palin] doesn't prove to be the Party's future queen, she may have positioned herself to be its future king-maker. . ."

And what kind of idiot might she pick? In a thousand years, there might only be aliens around to rue the outcome.

But in the meantime, you still have the chance to boycott some of these idiots, and others who seem to abound and multiply in concert with the unemployment and home foreclosure rates. Or, if you want to try a re-educating route, you can send E-mails to the establishments mentioned to make your views and worries known.

For the Taos idiot, go here. Indications from this article are that he'd begun to see the error of his ways, so read it before you E-mail him an opinion.

For the Denver idiots, go here.

The address for the Palin idiocy is www.saveyourbreath,don'tbother, since what holds for teaching pigs to sing, holds for this group as well.



Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

I agree, i read that article about the guy forcing employees to speak english too. Bullshit needs to be called out, and the truth sung!

Michael Collins said...

One more idiot, the original, unsurpassed, "knows better and does it anyway," currently unemployed maga idiot ...

Preston said...

The man behind the sign is either an idiot, crazy or a racist (maybe all three). We won the election and now these sore losers will continue to spew their hate with lies. They remind me of the Birthers losers, who even “Fake News” Bill O’Reilly has smacked down like the true flies they are.