Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just finished reading...

...Demasiados Héroes (Too Many Heroes) by Laura Restrepo. Inspired by her own experiences as an activist in Buenos Aires during the military dictatorship, Restrepo's latest novel revisits the legacy of the conflict, especially for the children of those who opposed it. It revolves around Lorenza, a Colombian native who, like Restrepo, lived in Argentina during the 70s and actively opposed Videla's regime of terror. There she meets Ramón, a comrade in the movement, and together they have a child, Mateo. Circumstances force the couple to emigrate to Colombia, where Lorenza soon falls back into her comfortable bourgeois existence, creating an irreparable breach in their relationship. The novel actually starts years later, when an almost-adult Mateo demands to know the real story of his father and what they call "el episodio oscuro..."

While the novel is good read, it lacks the resonance of some of Restrepo's earlier novels (such as Delirio and La isla de la pasión). This is perhaps owing to how close the story parallels Restrepo's biography, having experienced in her own family many of the challenges exposed in this novel. The challenge to extract universal value out of a personal experience that has been fictionalized is a monumental one, even for a writer of Restrepo's caliber. Perhaps a memoir would've been more effective... In any case, Demasiados Héroes has many moments of intense lyricism and enticing suspense, making a satisfying, if ultimately self-effacing, read.

ALSO... Check out this bilingual version of Cinderella (NYC this weekend!)

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Only 1 performance!
Saturday, November 21, 2009 @ 3:00pm

A bilingual musical of the classic fairytale about a humble girl who works very hard to realize her dreams. With a little bit of magic and, not to mention that she is the best “Tango” dancer in the kingdom, she discovers her self-esteem and Prince Charming.

La clásica historia de amor sobre una joven honesta y trabajadora, que sueña con un mañana mejor. Ven y conoce a Cenicienta, el Principe y a la malvada Madrastra, en un espectáculo lleno de magia, colorido y mucho Tango!

Written by Manuel A. Morán
Music by Iván Alexander Bautista & Manuel A. Morán
Set & Costumes by José López
Directed by Manuel A. Morán

Featuring: Jesús Martínez, Lina Sarrapochiello, Ana Campos,
Paola Poucel, Jorge Castilla, Yaremis Felix,
Tom Schubert
& Blanca Vásquez as "Cenicienta"

"New York's LATINO Theatre for Children"

Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center (CSV)
107 Suffolk Street, 2nd Floor, NYC
(Bet. Delancey and Rivington Street)

Tickets: $12.50 children/$15.00 adults
Call for reservations: (212) 529-1545

<>For more information on upcoming shows

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