Wednesday, January 27, 2010

¡Quiero ayudar! Let Me Help!

Written by Alma Flor Ada. Illustrated by Angela Domínguez.

Bilingual in English and Spanish
32 page • Ages 4 to 8
9 ¼” x 10”
Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-89239-232-2
Children's Book Press
Available Spring 2010

This Spring, Children's Book Press is pleased to publish a new book by the amazing award-winning author, Alma Flor Ada. Let Me Help! / ¡Quiero ayudar! is a charming story of Perico, a pet parrot who desperately wants to help his family prepare for the Cinco de Mayo fiesta, but is constantly being shooed away. In the end, Perico finds his own special way to lend a hand (or wing).

Let me help! Let me help!”

Perico learns this phrase from little Martita, who’s been saying it a lot lately. When the whole family scrambles to prepare for Cinco de Mayo, Perico knows there must be some way he can help—even if he is just a parrot.

Perico tries to help make delicious tamales. He tries to help craft beautiful paper flowers for the barge his family will take down the San Antonio River. He tries to help the boys practice their mariachi number on the porch. But at every turn Perico is shooed away, until he finally figures out how he can add something to the Cinco de Mayo fun.

Acclaimed author Alma Flor Ada’s tale is the story of every young reader who has been told he or she is too little or too young to help. Angela Domínguez’s vibrantly hued paintings glow with the rich colors of the southwest. Let Me Help! is a joyful read-aloud, yay!

Alma Flor Ada is an award-winning children's book author, a gifted translator, and one of the leaders in the field of bilingual education in the United States. Born in Cuba, Alma Flor received her PhD at the Pontifical Catholic University of Lima, Perú, did her post-doctoral research at Harvard University as a Fellow of the Radcliffe Institute, and is a Fulbright Research Scholar. She was named Professor Emerita at the University of San Francisco in 2004. She lives in Northern California's Marin County.

Angela Domínguez was born in Mexico City and raised in Texas. Growing up, she loved to read and to draw. In 2007, she received her MFA in illustration from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. When she is not drawing, she enjoys the outdoors and drinking coffee. She hopes that her illustrations make people of all ages smile. This is her first picture book, and second children's book. She lives in Fresno, California.

Look out for Let Me Help! in April. It'll be out just in time to help you plan your Cinco de Mayo festivities.

Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy
Interview by Loyola Marymount University


Alma Flor Ada said...

Thanks so much for this lovely presentation of my forthcoming book. It's a joy to share this space with so many talented friends, creating a remarkable body of literature for our children.
Perico y yo les damos las gracias and wish you continuous joy in your creative work! Con un abrazo, Alma Flor

Rene Colato Lainez said...

Alma Flor,

Your new book is wonderful. You are my favorite author!

Alma Flor Ada said...

You are so very kind, Rene. It has been such a joy to see you develop your creativity and become such a great contributor to Latino Literature. The authenticity of your work always touches me deeply as I am sure it touches the soul of many children. Thanks for sharing your voice! May you continue creating wonderful books. Alma Flor