Saturday, April 09, 2011

Lots of writing opps & info

9th Annual National Latino Writers Conference
Dates: May 18-21
, 2011

Nationally prominent authors, editors, and agents will present workshops, 
panels, and participate in one-on-one consultations with participants. Quién?--Poeta Alurista, La Bloga's own Michael Sedano, playwright and screenwriter Evelina Fernández, children's book author Monica Brown, Rubén Molina, Demetria Martínez, author of Confessions of a Berlitz-Tape Chicana, and Francisco Alarcón, among others. For 
more information, go here.


NEW: The Guadalupe Saints

"If you hadn't heard of Tonantzin, the goddess of the Aztecs who was dethroned 
by the Virgin of Guadalupe, you'll certainly know of her after reading this 
intriguing novel. Michael manages to summarize 500 years of miracle working 
performed by the descendants of Guadalupe into a captivating plot. Tony is a 
modern day young man and the latest in a long line of healers and keeper of 
the Indian faith which maintains that Tonantzin was never really dethroned. His 
journey pulls you in, like a wormhole through time."--Cindy Davis, author of 
the Bandit Books series. For more information, visit here.


Seeking writers over the age of 50

Deadline: May 15 

Still Crazy litmag seeks poetry, short stories, and essays that challenge 
patronizing, sentimental, or stereotyping attitudes toward aging. For more 
information, visit here.


Workshop for Writers of Color

Deadline: April 18

VONA (The Voices of Our Nation Arts Foundation) is dedicated to nurturing
 writers through the traditions, perspectives, and aesthetics of writers of 
color. Founded by Junot Diaz, Elmaz Abinader, and Diem Jones, the faculty has included Terry McMillan, Martin Espada, and Willie Perdomo. For more
 information, visit their site.


Kweli Litmag for writers of color seeks submissions

Deadline: April 25

Kweli, a journal for writers of color, is seeking fiction, nonfiction, and 
poetry. Kweli pays the writers whose work is accepted for publication. 
Writers previously published by Kweli include Angie Cruz, Victor LaValle, 
and Nelly Rosario. For more information, visit here. 


Anthology on Children & War

Deadline: June 1

Seeking essays, memoirs, and journalism pieces that depict the effects of 
war on children from all geographic regions, in past and current wars. Cinco 
Puntos Press will publish the anthology in spring of 2012. For more 
information, click here.


Label Me Latina/o

Deadline: June 10

Label Me Latina/o Journal seeks scholarly essays focusing on Latino literature, 
as well as creative literary pieces in English, Spanish, or Spanglish. For more 
information, visit here.


Girls Write Now seeks mentors

Deadline: June 15

Girls Write Now is a community of women writers—educators, editors, poets, 
novelists, playwrights, journalists, publishers, and more—who provide 
guidance, support, and opportunities to high school girls. For more information, visit their website.


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