Monday, June 13, 2011

Antique Children: A Mischievous Literary Arts Journal

The spring 2011 issue of Antique Children: A Mischievous Literary Arts Journal is now available. Edited by Jim Lopez (pictured below), the theme for this issue is "Underdogs" and is packed with art and literature:

Writers: Craig Woods, Michael Wilding, Daniel Olivas, Rene Georg Vasicek, Gint Aras, Gary J. Shipley, Hank Kirton, Asher Benatar, David Gionfriddo, JM Persanch, Tony DuShane, Scot Sothern and Paul Krassner

Poets: Andrei Codrescu, Bill Gainer, A.D. Wiegert, wm mason, Jenn Gutierrez, Heather Altfeld and Juan J. Morales

Interviews: Gene Gregorits shoots the shit with writer David Peace. Jim Lopez discusses film with artist Raymond Salvatore Harmon

Comics: Sarah C. Bell, Monty Borror, and Rick Gimes

Artists: Pedro Meyer, C215, STF, Ron English, Susan Eastman, Max Papeschi, Cody Sevedge, Paul Yates, David Levy, Micah Black, Loretta Gonzalez, Vincent Wright, MAGRELA, Ian Gamache, Luter, Sele, Scot Sothern, Stephan Maich and Alfred Muro. Cover artwork by Stephan Maich.

You may order through Antique Children’s website (PayPal) or from

What is Antique Children? Let its editor, Jim Lopez explain: “Antique Children is still figuring itself out. In the meantime consider your favorite mischievous, childhood friend or your own mischievous deeds, thoughts and attitudes, from the rude and reckless to the pleasantly subtle. AQC is looking for fiction, essays, critiques, interviews, memoirs and some poetry. AQC is open to all genres and some non-genres.”

Visit Antique Children’s website for submission guidelines.


msedano said...

my gosh, dan, i haven't thought about The Realist in years and there you are, next to Paul Krassner. Same Krassner?

Daniel A. Olivas said...

Yes, Michael, it's the same Paul Krassner...his piece is about the birth of The Realist.