Saturday, June 18, 2011

Deporting another immigrant-citizen

to stop Coach Miguel's deportation . . .

The following originally appeared on the website of the United We Dream Network, "a national immigrant youth-led organization. Their mission is to achieve equal access to higher education for all people, regardless of immigration status."

Over 20 years ago, Miguel Aparicio came to the United States when he was just 15 years old, following his grandmother to a better life in the United States. Now 38, Miguel is not the typical DREAMer because he is over the age that would qualify him to benefit from the DREAM Act. However, his story has inspired and transformed the lives of many young people, documented and not.

Until April of 2009, when he was detained for allegedly running a school stop sign, Miguel had completed 12 seasons as a volunteer cross-country assistant coach. Along with his partner, the head coach Carlos Borja, they led the Phoenix Alhambra boys cross country team to a state championships in 2007, 2009 and 2010, as well as a state runner-up title in 2008 . The pair has also sent 10 athletes to college with academic and/or athletic scholarships since they first started coaching together.

The community loves Miguel so deeply that when he was told by the school district he longer could be assistant coach, both the head Coach Borjas, and the students, rallied together. Coach Borjas was fired for non-compliance and the students refused to run for another coach.

Although Coach Carlos was able to regain his position as the head cross-country coach, Coach Miguel was not allowed to continue volunteering with them.

What is worst, he is currently scheduled to be deported this Friday! If he is deported, every student and their family that was part of the Alhambra cross-country team would be forced to say good-bye to their coach and to some even a father figure.

Ask Secretary Janet Napolitano to halt his deportation by signing our petition.

Miguel loves this country so much; he is not leaving without a fight! Your signature can help Coach Miguel stay home, the place where he belongs!

You can go here to read more, voice your opposition and sign a petition.

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