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Marisa Montes- ¡Hasta Siempre!

From Struve and Laporte Obituaries 

Marisa Montes, 59, of Walnut Creek, CA, passed August 18, 2011. She was born in San Juan Puerto Rico on November 5, 1951. She died at UCSF Medical Center during a routine procedure.

Marisa was writer with a passion for Children's Book. Her publications included novels, picture books, and a Scholastic Series. She won many awards for her publications. The details can be found at her web site, At the time of her death, she was working on compiling an anthology of stories by Latina women about pivotal moments in girl's lives.

She was a member of SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) and a member of the California Bar.

She was preceded in death by her brother Ruben E. Montes, Jr., M.D.

She is survived by her parents, Ruben and Maria Montes of Salinas, Ca; her husband, David Plotkin of Walnut Creek, CA; her sister, Marisol Ortiz of Victoria, Texas; as well as many aunts, uncles and cousins.

Her strength and passion for life, despite many physical disabilities, is remembered by all who knew her, including friends from across the globe. That passion translated into a zest for travel, and she and David cruised as often as possible, exploring the far corners of the world. That world will be the poorer without her.

La Bloga prepared this list of her wonderful work.

Juan Bobo Goes To Work. Illustrated by Joe Cepeda.
What can you do with a boy who tries to do things right but only leaves disaster in his wake?
Laugh—that's what!  Readers everywhere will love to laugh at the hilarious antics of the ever-blundering Juan Bobo, Puerto Rico's most celebrated folk character.
In this rollicking Juan Bobo tale, our hero sets out to find work at the farm and the grocery.  Although the tasks are simple and the directions couldn't be clearer, he always finds a way to bungle things up as only a character whose name means "Simple John" could!

Egg-Napped! Illustrated by Marsha Winborn

Gabbler and his wife couldn't be happier. They've just had their first egg! But during the celebrations, the Egg quietly tips, totters, and tumbles away -- and everyone thinks it's been egg-napped.
Come join this hilarious romp through the forest as the Gabblers and their friends search high and low for the beloved Egg. Young readers will be surprised and delighted from beginning to end as this wild goose egg chase unfolds.

Los Gatos Black on Halloween. Illustraded by Yuyi Morales.
Under October's luna, full and bright, the monsters are throwing a ball in the Haunted Hall. Las brujas come on their broomsticks, Los muertos rise from their coffins to join in the fun. Los esqueletos rattle their bones as they dance through the door. And the scariest creatures of all? Wait until you see them!
This lively Halloween poem introduces a spooky array of Spanish words that will open your ojos to the chilling delights of the season.

Something Wicked's In Those Woods
Evil.  Eleven-year-old Javi Leál senses it the moment he and his little brother, Nico, arrive at their Tití Amparo’s in Northern California.  The boy’s new home, surrounded by dark woods, is a world removed from the one they had to leave behind in sunny Puerto Rico when their parents died in a car crash.  But it’s not the culture gap that makes Javi uneasy—it’s something much bigger, something sinister that he can’t name.

Strange things are happening around the house:  Chairs fly mysteriously across a room.  Appliances turn on and off by themselves.  And Nico claims to have an imaginary friend—one who is teaching him English at an alarming rate.   All too quickly the bizarre events intensify, and Javi must navigate dark, forbidding turf as he finds himself caught up in a struggle with supernatural powers.  But time is running out.  Will Javi find a way to protect Nico from the wickedness and rid his new family of the unearthly forces before someone is hurt?

 A Circle of Time
A hit-and-run driver leaves fourteen-year-old Allison Blair to die on a winding mountain road, but a girl in a calico dress flags down a passing motorist and leads her to Allison's crumpled body.

As Allison lies comatose in the hospital, she hears the girl's voice in her head. Becky Lee Thompson pleads for help and pulls Allison back in time to 1906 -- and into Becky's fourteen-year-old body. But why? Is it to prevent Becky's tragic death or the death of Joshua, the boy who loves her?

As Becky's spirit keeps Allison alive in the present, Allison struggles to make sense of the layers of mystery, blackmail, and mistaken identity that surround the deaths. The only thing she knows for sure is that she must remain in the past -- through Becky's will and Allison's own growing feelings for Joshua -- so that history will be altered.

But in the present, Allison's body is undergoing brain surgery, and Becky does not know if she has the strength to keep Allison alive. Can Allison save Becky and Joshua and return to her own body before time runs out?

A Crazy Mixed-Up Spanglish Day. Illustrated by Joe Cepeda.
With her friends and familia by her side, Gabi* is ready for anything--sort of.Maritza Gabriela Morales Mercado (Gabi for short) has big problemas. Her worst enemy, Johnny Wiley, is driving her crazy. He makes fun of her name. He picks on her friends. And now Gabi has to spend an entire month working with him on a school project! Gabi is so upset she can't even talk straight. Her English words keep getting jumbled up with her Spanish words. Now she's speaking a crazy mix of both, and no one knows what she's saying! Will Gabi ever make sense again? Or will she be tongue-tied forever?

Who's That Girl? Illustrated by Joe Cepeda.
With her friends and familia by her side, Gabí is ready for anything...sort of. Gabí's getting new neighbors...and they are a big mystery. After a little investigating, Gabí discovers a pink and purple bike just like hers in the moving van--and that can only mean one thing: a new friend! Now Gabí, her BFFs (Best Friends Forever), and Abuelita (her grandma) are doing a little snooping to find out: ¿qué pasa? What's up with the mystery neighbors?

No More Spanish! Illustrated by Joe Cepeda.
Gabí refuses to speak any more Spanish. Ever! No es problema, right? Wrong. Gabí is only allowed to speak spanish at home. It's a family rule and her mami won't back down. Now, Gabí has to hablar Español or she'll get grounded for life! She just doesn't have a choice...or does she?

Please Don't Go! Illustrated by Joe Cepeda.
It's so hard to say, ¡ADIOS! Gabi LOVES that her abuelita is visiting. But she knows that sooner or later Abuelita has to go back home to Puerto Rico...unless Gabi can think up a plan to make her stay. Gabi tries teaching Abuelita to speak English, signing them up for kickboxing classes, & helping out with chores. But the whispered plans between her parents & Abuelita don't stop. Gabi's going to have to come up with something better, something BIGGER, something more...risky. But Gabi can't think of everything. And she's about to get a GRANDE surprise she could never have seen coming.

Marisa, gracias for touching the life of children of all ages. 


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Wow, what a surprise! I met Marisa while I was editor of the REFORMA Newsletter. She was in a wheelchair with limited use of her hands and I was impressed at how she carried on, regardless. A great writer, que en paz descanse.