Saturday, September 10, 2011

REFORMA Nat. Conf. II & new books

from Rudy Ch. Garcia:

Denver National Conf. addendum

Following up on Manuel Ramos's post yesterday, there will also be a REFORMA workshop featuring another La Bloga contributor, René Colato Laínez on Friday, Sept. 16th, entitled:

Exploring the Daily Experiences of Latino Youth with Authentic Children’s and Young Adult Literature

Panel: Oralia Garza de Cortés, Latino Children’s Literature Consultant, Austin, TX; René Colato Laínez, Children’s author and classroom teacher, Los Angeles, CA; Mara Price, Children’s book author and illustrator; Dr. Jamie Campbell Naidoo, Assistant and EBSCO-Foster Endowed Professor, University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa; and 15 Poster Presenters.

"In the past, Latino children’s literature has tended to focus on fiestas, quinceañeras, and other celebrations rather than exemplifying the daily experiences and family life of contemporary Latinos. This session will encompass a guided discussion on the authentic Latino experience in youth literature with award-winning Latino children’s

authors René Colato Laínez and Mara Price. The session will also critically examine themes in contemporary Latino youth literature via a poster session by graduate students and other researchers."

You can go here to read about René's books and here to check Mara Price's El Chocolate de Abuelita, a bilingual edition.

New books de la gente

From Marcela Landres at Latinidad®, comes the following publication news:

Human Cargo by Pushcart Prize nominee Desiree Zamorano introduces Inez 
Leon, a PI who lives for truth, justice, and the Mexican-American way. In 
order to find a missing family, Inez gains access to Pasadena's Russian 
community. She uncovers a culture of underground nightclubs and virtual 
slavery, as well the high price of a passage into this country. Jerrilyn Farmer, 
author of the best selling Madeline Bean mysteries, says "Exquisite in every 
subtle detail . . . . you will not be able to put this book down." For more 
information, visit


"You Are More than Good Enough by Gloria Rodriguez combines storytelling, 
sacred wisdom, and practical tools to inspire readers to embrace 
themselves. Readers will learn techniques that will prepare them to 
rediscover their true essence, connect to their life purpose, and deny any 
power to an inner critic. Knowing you are good enough is no small feat but 
with compassion and understanding Gloria gives us permission to claim the 
best of who we are with confidence and without apology. For more 
information, visit"

es todo, hoy


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