Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bless Me, Última Week schedule

For this 5 de Mayo, beginning tomorrow, gente all across the Internet can join La Bloga in celebrating the 40th anniversary of TQS’ publication of Rudolfo Anaya’s Bless Me, Última.

Visit La Bloga each day as we share observations reflecting on Rudolfo Anaya’s career, influence and writing. Join the appreciation by leaving Comments for Don Rudy. [You can also contribute to La Bloga's Bless Me, Última Week, April 29–May 5, in honor of Anaya's master work. See Saturday's entry below for info.]

April 29 Sunday. Amelia Montes.
Teaching Última texts. Amelia's column on the teaching of the book and what other texts complement teaching his and why--especially texts now banned in Arizona and Mexican American/Chicano Studies being outlawed there. Una conversación regarding la literatura!

April 30 Monday. Daniel Olivas.
Anaya's influence on authors. Daniel has some great comments from writers about the influence of Última on their writing. He's compiled discussions on their relationship to Anaya's novel and its impact on Chicano and Latino writers.

May 1 Tuesday. Michael Sedano.
Mystery & fantasy. An appreciation of Anaya's detective fiction & folktales, and a possible Última floricanto.

May 2 Wednesday. René Colato Laínez.
Anaya's children's lit. René will discuss the character of curanderas in Anaya's children's books and picture books.

May 3 Thursday. Double post.
1. Última en traducción y más. Lydia Gil's entry on Spanish translations of Anaya's texts, including Bendíceme.

2. Flying witches & fireballs. Ernesto Hogan begins with a passage in Bless Me Última about flying witches looking like fireballs in the sky and will explore the traditions of strange objects in the sky over Aztlán that began before Roswell, including a glowing object Ernesto observed above the Superstition Mountains. Brujas? Aliens?

May 4 Friday. Manuel Ramos.
Interview with Anaya.  Ramos recently conducted an interview wherein Anaya expressed his appreciation of this celebration. His exact words were "Que viva La Bloga!"

May 5 Saturday. Rudy Ch. Garcia.
Última revisited. To wrap up the week, some pensamientos on Última's timelessness.

Throughout the week La Bloga readers may leave Comments. But this Sat. post will also be reserved for last-minute messages of felicidades to Anaya or your own pensamientos about Última.

Es todo, hasta mañana,


Juan Tejeda said...

Felicidades to el maestro Acuna on the 40th anniversary of the publication of Bless Me, Ultima. In 1972 I was a freshman at the University of Texas in Austin. Bless Me, Ultima was the first Chicano novel I read and it had a tremendous impact on me.

Margarita Hortelano said...

Mis respetos, honor a quien honor merece. Yo conoci al Sr Anaya el año pasado en su casa y fue grandioso conocerlo, mis hijos estababan facinados. Gracias Sr. por ser una persona sencilla y siempre dispuesto con una franca sonrisa. Gracias tambien por introducirnos en el mundo de las letras con su grandiosa imgaginacion y talento.
Margarita Hortelano