Saturday, May 19, 2012

2012 NLWC Day Two Fotos

Michael Sedano

The second day of the National Latino Writers Conference wraps workshop sessions and segues into editor and publisher panels.

La Bloga-Tuesday will have a full report and an exciting idea.

Michelle Otero relates the beauties of the Alzheimer Poetry Project in 'Burque. Using dichos becomes an avenue to old memories locked away inside a brittle ill-functioning brain.

Open Mic 

Carlos Vásquez reminds the writers and faculty that NHCC has brought in the presenters' books and owning a book is a concrete way to demonstrate support for our literature.

Marcela Landres at breakfast, consulting a writer.

Stephanie Von Borstel answers questions about getting / having / relying upon an Agency or Agent.

 Publishers Panel 

Writers write. Publishers publish. The critical relationship between them: the writer follows an industry standard set of expectations for query letters, arousing interest in some busy editor with likes, dislikes, and low tolerance for crummy, ill-strategized letters.

Writers have ample questions and the panel generously devotes as much time as required to draw out questions, and offer elaborated, details responses. Several of the folks on the panel also write, so their hearts go out to writers at the first, or intermediate, stages of a life in literature.

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