Thursday, July 05, 2012

Chicanonautica: Chewing Scifiista Holes in the Tortilla Curtain

Okay, now, where was I? Latino science fiction. You’ve been getting plenty of coverage of it here at La Bloga. Rudy Ch. Garcia’s “Spic vs spec” series is up to its forth post. And I seem to remember promising you scifiistas out there some links to blogs that deal with this subject en glorioso español. 
You see, aficionados of ciencia ficción out there in the Spanish-speaking world -- Greater Hispaña, if you will -- tend to know a lot about Anglophone sf, because they often read English. The Tortilla Curtain is like a one-way mirror in this case -- they see in, we can’t see out. And now in the 21st century, ci-fi has colonized the blogoshpere.
But first, en inglés, a place where you get global genre coverage that includes the Spanish is The World SF Blog (which is more “world” than the World Science Fiction Convention ever was). It recently ran an interview with Federico Schaffler, a Mexican writer who used to publish the magazine Umbrales

Also, in English, Nassau Hedron has been blogging about both the current political upheaval, and the science fiction revolution (that some are comparing to the British New Wave of the Sixties) in Mexico.
Punching through to el otro lado -- watch out for La Migra! -- Daniel Salvo’s Cienca Ficción, Fantasía y Terror . . . en Hispanoamérica will keep you up-to-date with its frequent links to genre news from throughout las Américas.

Salvo also does the blog Ciencia Ficción Perú.

Sense of Wonder often goes bilingual in its coverage of science fiction and fantasy in English and Spanish.
Radio Metronomik is multimedia blog dedicated to Dieselpunk in both style and music, as well as fiction, with links to podcasts and features on the music and pulp fiction of the past, from Mexico, in Spanish.

Postcards From The Edge is another blog with a title in English that covers science fiction and fantasy from both sides of the language barrier in Spanish.

Malédiction: Le Journal d’un Jeune Homme Triste has a title in French, but covers science fiction and other strangeness, again in Spanish.

Literatura de Ciencia Ficción en Ecuador presents stories and reportages on sci-fi goings-on in that country.
La Casa de Jarjacha: Fantasia, Terror, y Misterio reviews fantastic books, music, and movies.

Fanzine El Horla like the name suggests, is the blog of the fanzine, El Horla.

Diálogos con Gente de la Ciencia Ficción y ortras Artes, por M.C. Carper has interviews in Spanish, about: El placer de leer ciencia ficción o admirar una ilustración de temática fantástica. 
And while we’re wandering into other cultures, why not expand your mind with these:
Islam and Science Fiction: A Website on Islam, Muslims and Science Fiction will show you the genre from a fresh perspective.
So will, Black Sci-Fi.Com.

And The Black Science Fiction Society is worth joining.
Getting back to Hispanidad, the Tamalli Space Charros take Chicano sci-fi and into the food business with a mobile tamaleria project inspired by Mexico’s “stridentist movement,” and Mexican wrestling sci-fi films. 

So, scifiistas, don’t let the Tortilla Curtain get in the way when you’re seeking out new life and new civilizations. Boldy go where no Latino has gone before!
Ernest Hogan, author of Cortez on Jupiter, will be watching online coverage of the Fiesta de San Fermín (known for the infamous “Running of the Bulls”), and taking notes for his science fiction novel about bullfighting.


Unknown said...

Hello. My name is Sylvia Perez and I write science fiction. :)
I have three books out: "To Save the Humans," "The Record Keeper's Wife," and "Salphos: Prince of Delnot."
I wrote them in English, because English was forced on me when I started kindergarten. I almost lost my first language, Spanish, and I had to "re-learn" much of it in high school. Just thought I'd put my name out there to help fill another hole.


Sorry it took me so long to read your comment. I'll look out of your books.


Sorry it took me so long to read your comment. I'll look out of your books.