Wednesday, September 26, 2012

FUNDRAISER in Support of the 3rd Annual Children's Poetry Festival in El Salvador

Saturday, September 29, 2012
11:00am until 2:00 pm
1818 E. 1st St.,
 Los Angeles, CA 90033
Tel: (323) 269-8680

Menu: Traditional Salvadoran Plate [$15]
Pupusa (Revuelta or Loroco with Cheese)
Sweet White Corn Tamale
Fried Plantain

Live Children's Music with Sara Quintanar, Authors readings & Raffles

The proceeds will provide:
- 800 tote bags for all the children in attendance
- 800 books, pencils, bookmarks to include in tote bag
- 800 lunches and refreshments for the children
- Decorations for the festival: banners, balloons and mascots
- Transportation for children to and from the festival
- Airfare, hotel and meals for participating children's book authors

Raffle/ Rifa

Buy one, two or more tickets. You can get these prizes courtesy of Curacao. By participating in this raffle, you are supporting the next poetry children's festival in El Salvador. One ticket for 3 dollars or two tickets for 5 dollars. The raffle will take place on September 29 at Un Solo Sol Kitchen.

A good way to buy tickets will be to donate at . We will put the tickets in the raffle for you.

 Auction at Piñata Art Gallery

Please join us on Friday, Oct 5th at the Piñata Art Gallery in San Francisco! Beautiful works available for auction - plus wine and ceviche reception.

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