Saturday, September 15, 2012

Reyna G. Albu TV interview. WESTWORD interview. The Closet arrives.

Don't ever get your first book published; skip straight to the second. 
My life's such a torrent with duties around publicizing The Closet of Discarded Dreams that eating, bathing, cutting my nails or hair, and sometimes even breathing have nearly become lost habits.

So, when I get an Email that Reyna Grande, who was flying in to read from her third novel, is about to land in Denver and maybe has no place to stay and could I help, it's almost a relief to have new, different priorities. My responsibilities turned out to be merely putting her and hubby up for the night–híjole!

If you've never heard Reyna speak and do a reading, you've missed demasiado. Yanked out of my own tiny first-book tasks, I sat with others at Tattered Cover Bookstore as she told of her childhood, growing up, her life, her family relationships and trials that epitomize what every young mexicanito who crosses al Otro Lado undergoes. Her reading widened my self-centeredness some, deflated my overindulgence in my first novel being published. It was good for me. She the pocha and me the chicano connected for just one moment at the reading, when I realized how much we shared in common when we'd been young brown kids in this intolerant society.

The Distance Between Us, A Memoir is her book. Read it, but better yet, go hear it. Reyna headed off for another read at Whittier Public Library, but you can go here to see where else you might be lucky enough to catch her.

Back to self-promotion – Albuquerque and a TV interview

KASA 2 Fox TV has a weekday morning show called Santa Fe Style Show and interviewed me about The Closet of Discarded Dreams as their featured book of the month! If you want to see how a Chicano pitches to an audience in the land of the Hispanic, go here.

Author doesn't do good phone – Denver interview

Our biggest alternative-newspaper's website features an interview by Cory Cascciato today. It taught me how different phone interviews are from live ones on TV. You can go here to read my ramblings.

Chingaus – The Closet arrives!

My first reading is this Sunday. I've never seen the book, though the Ebook's been available online since Sept. 1. I'm sitting on the front patio, drinking Negras, wishing I could down a half a bottle of Knob Creek, looking up the street every time I hear a vehicle, hoping it's FedEx, wondering how I'm going to tell my audience Sunday that they can't buy the book because it didn't get here in time. Other than that, I'm fine. Mi amá is here for the reading, but she's enjoying Reyna's book because MINE HASN'T ARRIVED and might not. One day left for deliveries.

A FedEx truck stops down the street. Then leaves our block. Cagada! A UPS truck stops next door, delivers and gets back to head off, again. Puchísima! Then he pulls up ten feet like to deliberately tease me that he was leaving. And brings us 2 boxes he sets on the porch. The book. The books. I'm not exhilarated. I'm not tirando somersaults. I don't believe it. It's as surreal as some of The Closet.

My wife Carmen takes a pic, but it shows nothing of relief, because there is none. It's just here. And Sunday I won't have to disappoint at least those wanting a copy. To see whether my reading is anywhere as suave as Reyna's, you'll have to be there:
Debut reading & signing of
The Closet of Discarded Dreams
by Rudy Ch. Garcia
Su Teatro's Denver Civic Theater
721 Santa Fe Dr.  5:00pm
Door prizes galore.
Oh, yeah, and you'll even be able to purchase a copy! De verdad.

Es todo, hoy,



msedano said...

Reyna sets a high standard for personalization and giving her readings voice. Wish I were in town for that first reading.


Anonymous said...

Aahh! That's so cool, Rudy :D I can't wait for my copy to arrive. Good luck at the reading. If I wasn't half way across the world, I'd be there. Enjoy!

Viva Liz Vega! said...

Good luck Rudy! I watched your interview on Santa fe styleandthought you were charming...especially loved the part " this isn't 50 shades of brown."