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Chicano reviewers and reviews of otros

Among today's thriving literary developments are the many latino literati contributing to the discourse that advances American literature, which includes ours. La Bloga was in the forefront years ago, but waves of video, prose and critique now emanate from all corners of Aztlán and elsewhere. Some evidence of these manifestations--and forgive the obvious self-promotion--are included below.

from a Texas alternative publication

This week Roberto Ontiveros of San Anto's alternative newsweekly the Current chose the Chicano fantasy, The Closet of Discarded Dreams, for his Halloween selections of "three terrifying tomes to die for." The honorific is more important than his characterizing my novel as "terrifying," so I won't speak to that. He explains, "Halloween is perhaps best handled by just being haunted by a book. Here are three recent releases that embrace the dark, and are low on snark." A further honor was that my novel was included with Carlos Fuentes' Vlad vampiro novel. Click here to read Ontiveros' column.

The Latino literary online magazine

A brother publication to La Bloga, Armando Rendón's Somos en escrito, just published a review by Roberto Haro entitled Trapped in an altered Chicano dimension. The review was done by a SF Bay-area, prolific Chicano writer whose novels range across the spectrum of human experience and grand historical backgrounds, including his new book, Alejandro’s Story. Haro's review stands out from others because his background in speculative literature brings a deeper examination of The Closet of Discarded Dreams from a writerly fantastical perspective.

Among other things, Haro says, "Garcia is a clever writer, crafting a narrative that keeps the reader engaged, wondering what will happen next to the nameless protagonist. There are moments of self-analysis that may help a reader appreciate the challenges Latinos face with institutions and the behavior of destructive groups in the larger society."

Reading Haro's words gave The Closet's author chills, making him wonder: Is the novel that good? And then realizing that, indeed, the novel does contain all that Haro describes. Go here to read what author Garcia considers to be the most penetrating review of his Chicano fantasy novel, to-date.

La Bloga's Sedano rips up The Closet

The most difficult review the nine Blogueros of this website ever face is reviewing a colleague's work. Our gente's tendency is to avoid speaking ill of our brown kindred. On the other hand, contraposed to that is the struggle to maintain a standard of authentic, literary criticism. The task is doubly difficult when attempting a solid review of another La Bloga author.

When I return from the Texas book-tour, I'll respond better to Sedano's review. If you haven't read it yet, check his Tuesday post and add that to your own read of the work. I do thank him for his largely favorable review and tolerance of a fokkin' debut novelist.

Es todo, hoy,

Oct. 24-31, Bloguero Rudy Ch. Garcia will be reading in SAN ANTONIO at the SW Workers Union Underground Library, The Twig Book Shop and at Palo Alto College. Click here for details.
Garcia's author interview was featured on Tue. Oct 23, 7:30pm CST on Tony Diaz's Nuestra Palabra - Latino Writers Having Their Say, KPFT 90.1fm in Houston, and another can be seen this Sun. Oct. 28 on the Great Day SA daytime program, KENS5 TV in San Anto, beginning at 12:00 noon CST.

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