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Raza in the (good/bad) news

La Bloga's Dan Olivas' NYTimes op-ed piece!

I had a nephew who committed suicide the year after the San Antonio Catholic Archdiocese settled with him for $50,000 for years of priest-abuse. This is part of our cultural heritage not often spoken about, despite the trauma raza has suffered from "worship" of an instititution that provides ample room for sexual predation.

This week our mayordomo Dan Olivas has an article entitled The Priest That Preyed making its national appearance. It concerns his story, Assumption, a fictionalized piece based on an abusive Califas priest. Go here to read Olivas' solid account.

Unfortunately, you can also go here to read LatinoPOV Jimmy Franco Sr.'s  non-fiction piece, The Catholic Church: A Trail of Shattered Young Lives, about 500 victims who filed suit over priest molestation in Califas.

Landau, 2011, RJ Sangosti, Denver Post foto
Denver cops beating Chicanos not a problem, again

Like in other cities, here's another case of them getting away with it. Three Denver cops who gave Alex Landau "a beating that left him scarred and suffering persisting neurological damage" will not be charged by the Justice Dept. for violating his civil rights. The "$795,000 settlement, one of the largest payouts in city history to resolve a police-brutality case" that he was awarded, notwithstanding. Also, all the cops are still on the payroll. And the streets. Go here to read full story. Foto is of Landau w/o Denver police make-over.

"Hunting illegals" sticker not for sale, anymore

Supposedly, you can no longer purchase one of these stickers. That's good. What's bad is that, unlike in Europe, it's not a crime to print, sell, profit and get publicity out of doing so. Read the story, here.

Targeted killing of U.S. citizens okay

At least Obama didn't single out Raza in his recent White Paper on targeted killings of U.S. citizens--we'll possibly be treated equally in such assassinations. Possibly.

From what I understand, Obama isn't saying it's legal or constitutional to do this to us: he's saying the decision is outside of the constitution. So it's ironically a form of marginalization applicable to all citizens. If you've been out of the loop on this, it would be good to check these or other articles so you won't be surprised if a Predator B takes you out one day.

[Anyone upset about this cartoon, consider this: Murder (defin.): to kill another human unlawfully. There is NO LAW empowering a President to do this; only a White Paper.]

San Anto Gallista Gallery 2nd Sat. Show

Today, Sat. Feb. 9, from 6-9:00pm, Gallista Gallery presents "Acrimony and Cheese," featuring work by RAW San Antonio Visual Artist Of The Year, 2012, Moe Profane. With special spoken-word performances hosted by 2011 & 2012 Grand Slam Poetry Champion Amanda Flores. San Antonio, Tex., 1913 S. Flores, 210-212-8606. Free and parking behind Gallery.

Reyna Grande - another achievement

Her autobiography, The Distance Between Us, is one of thirty finalists for the 2012 National Book Critics Circle award. Go here to read Rigoberto González's coverage and review.

Denver Valentine's Dance

Maybe one of your last chances to tirar some chancla at what will be remembered as one of Denver's last great Tejano-Norteño dance spots. That had great hosts and NO cover charge.

Carlos Santana & tequila

La Bloga ordinarily avoids promoting business interests, but this falls under the category of totalísimo self-interest--I like Santana and drinking. If you try the recipe, let me know.

Carlos w/wife Cindy
"First time Grammy Award winning singer Carlos Santana tasted the new “El Beso de Luz” Margarita with Casa Noble Crystal Tequila, and likened the experience to the first time one falls in love. He insisted it could have no other name than the Kiss of Light, a tribute to his wife Cindy.

This Valentine’s Day, what could be a more appropriate tribute to love than cuddling up with two glasses of this romantic drink?

El Beso de Luz Margarita - The Kiss of Light, as named by Santana
2 oz Casa Noble Crystal
½ oz Licor 43
1 oz lime juice
¼ orange squeeze & drop

Music icon Carlos Santana sits on the Board of Casa Noble Tequila and is part owner of the brand. Contact Amy Benson, The Baddish Group, for more info."

Es todo, hoy

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Thelma T. Reyna said...

It's utterly incredible that in the 21st century, we still have racists, bullies, and assaulters who believe they are entitled to beat, traumatize, and even kill "others" they deem to be inferior to them. With each passing decade, there seems to be no progress or little progress in human rights being honored as our laws seemingly promised all of us.

And the other amazing thing is that many of these abusers belong to the political party that's always screaming about our Constitution, about God, and about "going back" to how things used to be. You know the one. Sad, isn't it?