Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bobbi Salinas: Her Books

Bobbi Salinas was an author and illustrator. I met her through her books in my classroom. My students loved her book "Los Tres Cochinitos, Nacho, Tito and Miguel."  This is a great book about the three little pigs with the Latino style.

Several years later, I  met her in person in the Latino Writers Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico and I told her about the fantastic impact of her books in the classroom.

This May, her dead body was found in Santa Fe, New Mexico. To read the news, visit

Bobbi Salinas, descanse en paz

Today at La Bloga, I want to present some of her books.

The Three Pigs: Nacho, Tito and Miguel
By Bobbi Salinas
Spanish version by Amapola Franzen and Marcos Guerrero 

This retold, non-violent version of The Three Pigs takes place in  the Southwest. Miguel, the
cleverest of the pigs, sees through the wolf's artificially sugared tricks, and ultimately
destroys the wolf's power to deceive others.

Este versión relatada en forma no violenta de Los Tres Cerdos toma lugar en el sudoeste de los EUA. Miguel, el mas astuto de los cerdos, se da cuenta de los trucos artificialmente endulzados del lobo y termina destruyendo su poder para engañar a los demas. Este cuento expone que aquellos en el poder a veces son menos fuertes y temibles de lo que quieren que creamos.

Cinderella Latina 
By Bobbi Salinas
Translated by Enrique Lamadrid

A bilingual, contemporary version of Cinderella by Charles Perrault, using Mexican-American culture to tell a new story.

Indo Hispanic Folk Art Traditions I

By Bobbi Salinas

A book of culturally-based, year-round activities with an emphasis on Christmas. Designed to promote awareness and understanding of this important holiday as it is celebrated in Indo-Hispanic communities. Contains recipes, craft projects and even ideas for creating and performing plays and costumes. Special deluxe edition printed in Spanish and English

Indo Hispanic Folk Art Traditions II / 
Tradiciones Artesanales Indo-Hispanas II
By Bobbi Salinas

A book of culturally-based, year-round activities with an emphasis on the Day of the Dead. Designed to promote awareness and understanding of this important Indo-Hispanic holiday and of the folk art that has characterized its celebration from antiquity to the present. The Day of the Dead is a unique holiday that preserves and encourages folk art and folklore as no other holiday does. Recreated annually in the community, by the communit and for the community. Includes recipes, folk art projects, costumes, theatre and dance. This special deluxe edition is printed in Spanish and English.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Rene for bringing this brilliant person to my attention. Writers sometimes lead such isolated lives when creating their art. Whether established or novice writers, the importance of maintaining connections in every day life was brought home to me today.
Sincerely thankful for your blog Rene.
Blessings to you and Bobbi,

Latino Heritage said...

Thanks for pulling her titles together. I was familiar with a couple of the titles, but hadn't identified them as being by the same author.
I agree with anonymous. While I've done a lot of different things in my life, writing is indeed one of the most isolating jobs around. It is so easy to only focus on the work and it can be hard to reinforce the connections with others when the task is complete.