Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Revista Iguana

Cricket Magazine, a division of ePals, Inc. proudly announces the addition of Iguana and Babybug en español to their award-winning family of 14 children's publications. 

IGUANA is a Spanish language magazine for children ages 7-12 who grew up learning and speaking Spanish. Each issue engages children with interesting text, beautiful illustrations, and intriguing photographs across a wide variety of new and interesting topics including history, geography, science, technology, language arts, math and more. IGUANA's interesting content motivates children to read, reinforcing reading skills in Spanish and encouraging Latino cultural preservation.

Each 32-page issue of IGUANA includes:

 Advertising-free articles, interviews, and stories written in simple standard Spanish
 Biographies &  interviews with personalities that have influenced the lives of Latinos in America
Fictional stories with characters, experiences, and settings familiar to kids
Science articles, recipes, craft projects, and much, much more!

The IGUANA magazine story
As the parent of two bilingual, bicultural, biracial children, I feel strongly that I must expose my daughters to the beauty of the Spanish language and the richness of Latin American culture. My daughters love books but it is difficult to find original literature in Spanish. Most of the books that I have found are simply translations of books such as Dr. Seuss, and the Arthur and Franklin series. I am dismayed by the small quantity of quality children's literature written in Spanish. Therefore, with my daughters as an inspiration, I decided to start IGUANA, an educational magazine for Spanish speaking children. The dream for my daughters, and for all Latino children, is that they will continue to read in Spanish, to feel proud of being bilingual, and to never forget their roots. I hope that other parents share this dream by supporting Iguana magazine and its mission. 

¡Lee ~ Descubre ~ Disfruta!  [read ~ discover ~ enjoy]

Christianne Meneses Jacobs
Founder & Editor

You can read an interview with Christianne Meneses Jacobs in here in La Bloga:

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